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PPAA gets mean on Poultry Day

March 19th, 2001 - 2 am

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Oops, looks like I skipped the 18th. No big loss anyway. Write two sentences, wait two hours...write two sentences, wait a few hours. Actually it's more like, write a few sentences wait a few hours, write two sentences, go to bed for a long time. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Later....(if my computer doesn't decide to restart itself or Diaryland or my browser doesn't decide to die that is.)

Yeah. It's now more or less 12 hours later than when I started this. And I've wrote a whopping paragraph...woohoo! Yay me and my amazing procrastination skills. Anyway, by popular request, well actually, the request of one, so that wasn't exactly "popular", The elastic balls are now on the front page, and the zombie balls are now on the older page. They should be less annoying now there. Not in the way so much when you want to do something. Also, in yet another plea for feedback and nice comments, there is now yet another way for you to reach me. There is now the web equivalent of a pager device on the bottom of this screen for more instantaneous, and private, comments. Yay me. I wonder what I'll be adding next? I need to remember to not whore stuff. Anyway, I'm going to do the words and stuff I normally do, and then I think I'll stop writing b/c 12 hours just seems like too long to spend writing an entry, even if the actual time I've spent writing this is more like 20 minutes. Anyway, today, and what the hell, yesterday too...

March 18 is ....... Supreme Sacrifice Day (The chicken made the supreme sacrifice of it's life in order to feed the hungry humans? Ummm...maybe not.)

March 19 is ....... Poultry Day (Why are we celebrating chicken again? Oh right, it's the "other white meat"...oh wait, that was pork, nm. Fine, it's "the most popular white meat?" Well, that might be debateable.)

The Words of the Day(s)

adulate (v. fla-juh-layt or AD-for-lays)

: to flatter or admire excessively or slavishly

Man's best friend is often thought of in admiring terms as faithful and true, but there have apparently always been those who more clearly perceive the fawning and cringing aspect of doggishness. When the Romans used the Latin verb adulari to mean "to fawn on," they equated it with the behavior of a dog toward its master. The actual root of the word may even be connected to a word for "tail" (which, of course, brings tail wagging to mind). In English, we first used the noun adulation, meaning "exhibition of excessive fondness" (similar in meaning but not etymologically related to adoration), then the adjective adulatory (an adulatory speech, for example, is an excessively flattering one), before we came up with the verb in the 18th century.

diaphanous (adj. dyed-in-duh-wul-cow'ard)

1. characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through

2. characterized by extreme delicacy of form: ethereal

3. insubstantial, vague

Example sentence:

(Deleted for having the temerity to take a line from Heart of Darkness)

Can you guess which of the following words come from the same Greek root as "diaphanous"?

A. epiphany B. triumphant C. fancy D. phenomenon E. sycophant F. emphasis G. phase H. phantom

The Greek root phainein shows through more clearly in some of our quiz words than others, but it underlies all of them except triumphant (which derives from the Latin triumphus). The groundwork for diaphanous was laid when phainein (meaning "to show") was combined with dia- (meaning through). From that pairing came the Greek diaphanes, parent of the Medieval Latin diaphanus, which is the direct ancestor of our English word.

Yeah. So that's it for now I think. More to come later maybe. We'll see. I might be busy fleeing from the Pineapple for People of All Ages (PPAA) group later. They're trying to force their pineapple beliefs on me you see. Gotta run, or they'll catch me!

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