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Something or other plus Dick Cheney & The Monkeys

March 6th, 2001 - 8:30 in the bloody morning

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It's too damn early. I should be doing something else, since I have something important at noon. Anyway...I figured I'd procrastinate some more, as if I haven't done it enough already, by writing a diary entry. But I promise, I'm not going to write another one until after 12 pm tomorrow. Instead, go read this again even though by now you've probably read it once already, and then answer the questions in the last paragraph damnit! Because I skipped a day, I've got 4 words I could put up here. I think I'm going to limit it to just two though. Today and yesterday, or yesterday and today rather,

March 5 is ....... Personality Day (Personality Day?!?! What the hell? Is it like Change your Personality Day, which suggests everyone's personality sucks, or Celebrate your personality Day, where you get to be a nice or bitchy as you feel like, or what? I don't understand this day. Oh, and Happy Birthday to Person. It was yesterday, but I didn't do an entry, so he'll just have to deal with this. It's only like the 80th time I've said happy birthday to him anyway.)

March 6 is ....... National Frozen Food Day(ummm...again, all I have to say is Huh? Although I guess, given the weather, it's a good thing. You wouldn't even have to have pre-frozen food to make it frozen at this point.)

Ummm...I guess I'll do my words now. I can't really think of anything better. Oh I can. Wawa Hot Chocolate is scary. You can't even really drink the stuff without adding water to it. It's like trying to drink melted chocolate. You know how they say, fill 2/3 full and then depress the button, and then the last 1/3 is supposed to be hot water? Well, the hot water doesn't like to appear I guess, and you end up with something that's very nearly undrinkable. Not realy recommended unless you need the sugar rush desperately and then I suggest you just buy a chocolate bar instead. It's not really pleasant to drink either. Oh well, guess I'll know never to Ever buy hot chocolate from these people in the future. Anyway...the words of the day are:

eupeptic (adj. yoo-Hoo? PEP-tol bis-mal)

1. of, relating to, or having good digestion

2. cheerful, optimistic

Example sentence:

"By being dignified but not stuffy, cheerful but not frivolous, ... the eupeptic Mr. Reagan had put Americans at their ease."(I'm sorry, but What?!?! Reagan? Excuse me? No one thought he was a senile old moron? Dignified?!?! Someone was on crack, weren't they?)

"Eupeptic" probably derives from "eupepsia" ("good digestion"), which in turn breaks down to "eu-" ("good") and "-pepsia" ("digestion"). Both elements are based on Latin forms and are ultimately of Greek origin.

It seems reasonable that good digestion might enhance one's outlook on life -- and indeed, "eupeptic" can suggest a happy frame of mind as well as a happy digestive system. Along similar lines, someone with poor digestion might be cranky, and the antonymous counterparts of "eupeptic" and "eupepsia" -- "dyspeptic" and "dyspepsia" -- can suggest either indigestion or ill humor. (As in, the hot chocolate has not helped me to be eupeptic, and has probably harmed me.)

idiot savant [n. ID-ees-goot eeat-eet] (Notice I chose vowels today. How odd. I'm cold and life sucks. I'd better not be tired in 3 hours. This is going to bite.)

When translated from the French, idiot savant literally means a learned idiot. It is used in English to describe a mentally deficient person who demonstrates an extraordinary facility in a special field. For example, an idiot savant may have a highly developed ability to play music or to solve difficult arithmetic problems mentally.

This phrase from the 1920s uses two words introduced in English much earlier. Idiot is from the 1300s. It comes from the Old French idiote (ignorant person), from the Latin idiota (layman). Ultimately, idiot comes from the Greek idiotes (person without professional skill or knowledge).

Savant was first seen in English in the early 1700s. It is from the French savant (learned man), from the French verb savoir (to know), from the Latin sapere (to be wise).

Mmm...what else? Dick Cheney is in the hospital yet again. Gee, what a shock. I'd like to imagine a future where Cheney drops dead first from one of his numerous heart attacks, then Bush dies from that 20 year curse thing, then we have people who weren't elected as Pres. & Vice-Pres. Wouldn't that be fun? We already did that once, I think it was with Nixon? He resigned, then Ford? became president? But the catch was, Ford was never elected Vice-President to begin with b/c the VP resigned or something b/c of legal troubles or something like that I think. Anyway, I know there was at least ONE time when that happened, even if I am a little fuzzy on the details. Then again, I'm a little fuzzy on just about everything at the moment. Woohoo. Hooray for fuzziness. Moving on...

The other thing I wanted to babble about was this. On the radio this morning, they were advertising "The Monkeys 2001." Apparently the Monkeys, who were popular like 30 years ago, are going on TOUR! Who the hell is going to go see this?!?! They had a tv show in the 70's...get over it. They certainly don't deserve to go on tour. I mean, did they even have enough "songs" to GO on tour? I mean, even though I like the stuff they "sang"...did they really sing or did they lip synch, I forget. Didn't they not play any instruments between the 4 of them originally or something like that? And aren't they like 50 now? Older even? NO one wants to see them like that! Oh yeah, I can just imagine these 70 year old women fawning over these people...eep! Anyway, it'd be like if The Partridge Family went on tour in the US. It's just scary...not something to be seen by anyone with any sanity. Alright, enough rambling...I need to stop procrastinating now.

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