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March 1st, 2001 (Yes, Again) - 10:20 pm

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I don't really have anything original to put here other than snide comments and such, but I feel like having a 4th March 1st entry, b/c it means I've gone nuts with updating. I don't remember ever updating 4 times in one day before. If you're looking for something original, read this earlier March 1st entry. I'm still wondering who thought it would be a GOOD idea to cast Mr. T in a commercial. I'm still going to treat this entry like it was March 2nd however. If this seems strange to you, well, I'm often strange so you should be able to deal by now. Today/Tomorrow,

March 2 is ....... Old Stuff Day(I have old stuff everyday...that's why it's old. If I'd gotten rid of it, then it wouldn't be stuff I have. I don't know why we should celebrate junk. Oh wait, this is America, home of the shrine to junk food...nm.)

And while I'm at it, I suppose I'll do this..

The Word of the Day

apercu [n. im-going-to-SUE]

An apercu is a first glance or immediate impression -- an estimate, judgment, or understanding that is quickly discerned. A near synonym of this sense is insight.

An apercu can also mean a quick synopsis or short summary.

Apercu is a French word that means perceived. It is the past participle of the French verb apercevoir (to perceive), from the Latin per- (through) and capere (to seize).

...and then move on to the news snippet mockery.

What do we have to mock? Let's see...

"He wasn't nearly as bad as we'd feared." This was the private conclusion of one of Tony Blair's senior aides after the British prime minister's weekend with President Bush. Apparently Downing Street had been reading the British papers, whose contempt for Bush's intellect and capabilities must be read to be believed (and they aren't nearly as bad as the French).

Blair was pleasantly surprised and impressed by Bush, but that didn't stop him raising all the same questions and issues over missile defense and the European defense force with Vice President Dick Cheney -- just to check that Bush's thinking was in line with the grown-ups.

Apparently German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder had advised Blair to double-check everything he had heard from Bush -- with Cheney.

The title of this article was "Faint Praise"...I'm guessing this alludes to "Damned with Faint Praise." I think it's funny. Although Cheney might not be the person he should really be double-checking with. It's nice to know that not only am I not the only person who thinks Bush is an idiot, there are whole Countries of people who think he's a moron. I really must read some of what the French have to say. That ought to be fun. And now, a related article to the Bush administration...

Go read this article first, I'm not copying and pasting it into this diary just to make it about 3 times longer. The title of this article, as you will notice, is "Ashcroft To Combat Racial Profiling." I'm sorry, but WHAT?!?! Ashcroft, anti-abortion, let's not protect doctors even though I'm Attorney-General, ultra-right-wing conservative Ashcroft, is going to combat Racism?!?! Excuse me, what?!?! I mean, come on. This will Never happen. Actually, I'm guessing it's just their little push to get some of the ethnic population, especially the African-American populace, to change their minds about Bush and his administration. This is a ludicrious thing and I sincerely doubt anything will ever come of this supposed "Combat of Racial Profiling." And really, of all the issues he could've picked to combat..."Racial Profiling"?!?! Crackheads. I'm glad all of Britain and France agrees that Bush and his administration are idiots. Maybe in four years, when we elect someone else we can be happy.

The parents of a 5-year-old Lebanese boy have been encouraging their son to smoke with the hope of his entering the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest smoker in the world.

A Beirut newspaper (As Safir) reports that Abdel Karim al-Ali, who lives in the south Lebanon village of Majidiyeh, started smoking at age 3. The paper said al-Ali's parents could be "dazzled by their son's achievement for he is so skillful in smoking all kinds of cigarettes" and the region's traditional water pipe.

It said the boy does not hesitate in smoking in front of his friends and parents, and thinks "the cigarette is better than child toys."

This is just sad. With all the evidence for the harm which smoking does to the human body over time, why on earth would the parents of a child encourage and even TRY to get their children to smoke?!?! And at THREE years old?!?! I'm sorry, but chances are if these people were in the US, after this article, I wouldn't be surprised if someone sued them for child neglect or abuse or something. You can't tell me that a three year old has the slightest idea what smoking is and why he should/should not do it. And you can't tell me that these parents don't know that it's bad either.

Alright, enough news snippets. Have a nice day. Ha. Oh, it's 11 pm now, so it's still not March 2nd, even though this entry is technically March 2nd in all but the actual time and the day posted above.

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