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Afternoon Entry, Buffy, & MISTER T!

March 1st, 2001 - 3:35 pm

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Hmmm...I've done so many entries today that I've run out of words of the day and other cute gimmick things so there won't be anything other than my words here for once. Isn't that amazing?!? And an afternoon entry too! It's like a two-for one miracle or something. Anyway, this will even be a short entry too, since I have someplace to be in half an hour or so. Oh wait, I lied. This won't be just my words, because I have some news to mock, but maybe if you're very lucky I'll hold off on that until later tonight or something and do it for a March 2nd entry. After all, I have to have something to talk about later. This of course assumes I want to talk about something later, and that I'll be doing an entry later...two things which are never certain with me. Besides, later there will be words of the day and days of the day and such things, so if I have time, I may as well do it. Or maybe some of the news now and some of it later? That's a thought. Maybe we'll do that.

Oh, I forgot to mention this when I was doing this entry. When I was watching Buffy the other night, as I was discussing previously, Buffy had no emotions because of the shock or whatever. And I found it highly inapropriate when I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar doing some make-up commercial during the break. Especially when I was going between pale, emotionless, grief-benumbed Buffy and bouncy, bright, make-up whore Sarah Michelle Gellar. I have no respect left for her after she sold out to do makeup commercials of all things. But anyway, it disrupted the show completely and irritated me in the process.

Another commercial during Buffy, which I'm sure was not to be missed, was the 1-800-COLLECT commercial with Mister T! OMG. I thought he'd be dead or something by now? Did he used to wrestle? I guess I'll have to ask some person, my wrestling authority about that one. Or he might just answer it himself on the message board. What person on crack thought getting Mr. T of all people to do a commercial would be a good idea? He lost what little popularity he had ages ago. I thought he dropped off of the face of the planet after that one show from the 80's got cancelled. What show am I thinking of anyway? It must not have been too memorable. Putting him in that commercial though, has to be the most amusing thing I've seen in a long time. I'm a bit pressed for time, so we'll do one news snippet and call this done.

Singing in the shower has just gotten steamier. The members of the hot boy group 98 Degrees are the newest poster boys for Clairol Herbal Essences hair, facial and body care products.

The band -- brothers Nick Lachey and Drew Lachey, Jeff Timmons and Justin Jeffre -- will be featured in both print ads and TV spots, continuing Herbal Essences' series of steamy "totally organic" advertisements. The TV ads will debut in March.

As if putting Dr. Ruth in a commercial wasn't bad enough? They had to drag in one of the idiotic boy bands? Personally, I think Clairol should be ashamed of themselves for putting Dr. Ruth and body wash/shampoo & conditioner together. And now they've just passed beyone the limits of bad taste by doing this. It's almost as bad as putting Mr. T in anything. What's wrong with commercial people nowadays? Have they all gone completely Mental?!?! I guess we'll explore that next time. Ciao!

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