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March 1st, 2001 - 1 am

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I guess I had a reason for this entry. I don't know what that reason is, but there must've been Something. Or maybe I didn't. Who knows? If there wasn't a point to this, and I don't have anything to talk about, why am I even bothering to update? Oh yeah, I remember now...I'm in the process of becoming a hit whore and one of the tenants is to update often. Maybe I just feel compelled to inform people of the words I receive. Although to be honest, that's a really lousy reason to update. Oh...today,

March 1 is ....... National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lover's Day (Doesn't this seem to equate people who like peanut butter with pigs? Does this seem rather unfair to anyone?)

Anyway, here are...

The Words of the Day

gambol [v. or n. Proctor-n-GAM-bull]

To gambol is to skip or leap about in play. Near synonyms include hop, spring, romp, cavort, frisk, frolic, caper, and prance.

Example: "It was heartwarming to see her dog molested by Proctor and Gamble in the park."

The word can also be used as a noun: a gambol is a playful skipping, leaping, or frolicking.

The word gambol entered English in the 1500s. It comes from gambolde (a leap or a spring), from gambad (the leap of a horse), from the Middle French and Old French gambade of the same meaning. This last takes its root from the Late Latin gamba (horse's hoof).

hypothecate (v. ye-gods who'duh-thun-kayt?)

1. hypothesize

"Hypothecate" is a controversial word. It has existed as a synonym of "hypothesize" since 1906, showing up primarily in scientific and linguistic sources, but usage commentators have decried it, from Henry Fowler in 1926 to Harry Shaw in 1987. It is sometimes perceived as a mistaken use of another hypothecate -- one meaning "to pledge as security without title or possession." Both "hypothecate" homographs -- and hypothesize too -- derive ultimately from the Greek hypotithenai ("to put under, suppose, deposit as a pledge"), but each entered English by a different route.

The hypothesizing "hypothecate" is a legitimate (albeit uncommon) word in its own right, not a misuse of its homograph. If you want to avoid the controversy altogether, however, you can stick with the more common "hypothesize."

Yes, I know. There were three yesterday and two today. You're about ready to smack me. But I can't help it if my old word of the day list has decided that even though I'm not paying for it like I should be, they're going to send them to me anyway. I subscribed to a new one in expectation that the one I currently had would be taking me off the list since I'm not going to pay for them to send me the damn thing. This, however, is apparently not the case. Can't expect people to be reasonable it seems. Hmmm...what else can I say without managing to get into my life? I mean, my life is pretty damn boring, but there's a tendency to let a little of it creep in here and there when I'm bored, have no conspiracy theories which I'm working on, or have run out of things to say. Well, I guess it can't hurt to stick a little bit of me into this thing. After all, when you write stuff, you're supposed to be putting a little piece of yourself into it. So I guess I'll cautiously share. Nothing Earth-shattering though. That would be a bad idea.

Why is it always so fascinating when I get a package? I mean, is this just some thing left over from when I was little and every box was a mystery and a present for some special occasion? Do I feel happy when I get a box, no matter if I know what's in it or not or what it looks like, because of some weird childhood conditioning where now box = special in my mind? Really, I think I'd like to know where I get this. In some ways, it's worse when I know I'm going to get something and what it is, because then I wait impatiently for it to get here, checking the tracking and things until it arrives. It's almost sad.

This security guard guy called me "Sis" as I walked out of this one store the other day. I was amused. I don't think anyone has ever called me that before, not even my sister. No idea why he called me that either. Any ideas anyone?

One last thought before I go away. I have come to realize that electronic things are to adults what toys are to children. Any ideas or comments why? Write them! I don't care how you write them, whether by e-mail or on the message board or on the guestbook, but write them!

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