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February 25th, 2001 - 11:50 pm

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Okay, so now I've fast-forwarded time by about 10 minutes by putting the time as 10 minutes to midnight, yet the day as the 25th of Feb. when it's not that yet. As for why I didn't put both the 24th and the 25th of February on the date above, I've already told you what the 24th of February is in the last entry, so now I get to tell you that:

February 25 is .... Pistol Patent Day (Samuel Colt).

And while I'm at it...

The Word of the Day

de rigueur [adj. doe raay-mi]

De rigueur means that which is prescribed by custom, etiquette, or fashion. Example: "She remembered when pink golf shirts with turned-up collars were de rigueur for both women and men. She also remembered mocking this fashion. Pink golf shirts?" Near synonyms of this adjective include proper, necessary, required, indispensable, and compulsory.

De rigueur, a borrowing from the French, was first seen in English in the 1830s. Rigueur in French means strictness or precision.

I have played with the site, as I said I was going to do in My previous entry. There are now many marvelous and wonderful new things. I matched the background border to the color of the text. There are now random messages which appear at the top of this diary. If you have any suggestions for very short messages you'd like to see at random, please feel free to list them in the guestbook, messageboard, or e-mail them to me. I'll do my best to make them show up. I could have included the links for the guestbook, messageboard, and my e-mail, but that seems like too much work, so you can e-mail me through the "Contact Me" link on the left, and you can get to the guestbook and messageboard via the new drop-down box at the bottom. Also new, you can subscribe to My mailing List and get notified when I update or have something pressing to alert you of.

Also new, THE POLL. Click on The Poll, or use the drop-down box below to go there. The drop-down box is also new. Spiffy, isn't it? What else did I add? Oh yeah. In addition to the guestbook, messageboard, mailing list, random message generator, the poll, and the jump box for easier navigation, there are now two new sections for people who would like to be randomly whored. One allows for random links to be placed, with a description and you can find this by either going here, or by clicking the option in the drop-down box which says "Put A Link to Someplace Else At Random Here." It will allow you to put a description, the site, the site name, and it's category if I come up with some. The other place, found here or through the option in the box entitled: "Put Your Top Sites With Images Here." As expected, this will allow you to put up a site with an image of some sort, although I can and will delete your image along with your contribution if you put up an image that's extremely offensive. I do NOT run a democracy. The drawback or advantage with this is that you have to register, but then you can do some administrative stuff with it later, like deleting it, or changing the description, etc. For the other one, you just have to hope you get it right the first time, because after that it's carved in stone and you will never be able to change it. Fun, isn't it? Anyway, that's the update on all the new things, and it's now about a quarter after 1 am, so I guess I'll go and maybe fiddle with my other webpages or add some more stuff to this one. Ciao!

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