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Singing In the Rain, Inane TV, and Cleap

February 18th/19th, 2001 - 11 pm

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Wow...this is almost getting to be a regular thing again. Maybe not. After all...wrote a sentance at 11 pm, went to dinner and tv-watching, then came back, and oops, it's 6:30 in the morning. I'm not even sure what I watched all this time. I suspect however, that it wasn't really worth it. I remember it involving Universal Soldier III, some movie on one of those classic movie channels, and I think there was a portion of a gameshow in Spanish, which was really odd, considering that I don't really like gameshows all the much and don't speak a word of Spanish. Anyway, let's move on to...

The Word of the Day

mien [n. NO-one luks hair]

Someone's mien is his or her appearance or aspect, or outward air or bearing. Near synonyms include bearing, expression, deportment, manner, style, and look. Example: "His dignified and imposing phrilly slut intimidated his opponents."

Demeanor is also among the near synonyms of mien, and both words share the same root. Mien was first seen in the early 1500s. It is likely a shortened form of the Middle English demean (behave) which also gave us demeanor. Demean was influenced by the Medieval French mine (appearance or expression).

Okay, now that that's all done with, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! to Steph, also known as various other people I don't remember the names of at the moment. Everyone should go visit her diary b/c it's her birthday damnit! Although she didn't update, she had better things to do on her birthday, but she deserves hits anyway. You should leave a message and let her know that you visited too.

Did I have anything else to mention? I have plenty of random things I could mention from my little black book. Did I ever tell you that I named my little black book? It's title is..."Random Things Which PROVE That I'm On Crack (more or less)" Aren't you special, now that you know? Anyway...moving on.

I think there should be little pieces of paper that come with pens which are available everywhere so you can write down whatever happens to occur to you so that you don't forget it. I mean, I have my little black book, but I don't carry it around with me. It's just beside my computer so I can write down things that occur to me there. It's especially helpful when I have something specific I want to talk about in my diary and don't want to forget. They should incorporate this policy into the wider world. Although not with huge black notebooks. They should do it with just little pieces of paper that can be put in a pocket or something for a later time.

I think I mentioned yesterday that the weather sucked. It was cold and raining and icky. Well, in conjunction with that last entry (no, I don't feel like linking it multiple, or even singular times), especially the weather and the song in the bookstore part, I have a few things I wish to tell you my loyal voyeurs. First things first. While in the bookstore last evening, I observed a woman dancing. This is rather odd...one doesn't dance in the bookstore. I don't know why she was dancing, maybe she was overjoyed b/c someone screwed up and put the dial on the Barnes & Noble radio to a channel with actual songs, rather than the classical/Scottish/Irish/sleepy music they normally play constantly. I'm not saying that classical isn't music, just that it's not very exciting. The music of yesterday had actual Words! That's a real change for a place like that. Bet it doesn't last however. It was probably just a fluke and they'll be back to the wordless stuff the next time I go. The other thing I saw, or heard rather, was on my way home. As I was walking home, coming the other way was a group of guys. They were singing. I'm not sure what exactly they were singing, but they were singing in the rain. This sort of scares me. I mean, why exactly were they singing...in the rain, anyway? If it was a normal evening, you'd just look at them like they were nuts, but when it's raining, you have to give them the additional dimension of, are they drunk? Did they just see the movie and think it was a wonderful idea to sing in the rain? There may be other considerations as well. I had initially considered ranting against the Girl Scouts, but I was looking at some early entries at random and I realized that I've done that already...sort of. I could go into more detail, but that would just be pointless at this time, since I'd have to discuss the Elf Mob, and they'd have to kill you and your family and your relatives and any bad paintings you might happen to own.

Well, one more thing, and then I'll be off to cleapytime land, where I get to be unconscious for a period of time. What's cleap you ask? I made the word up. You must now begin to use it at every given opportunity so that one day it will make it into the dictionary. Cleap...a combination of the words coma, sleep, and nap. Used to mean any period of unconsciousness. The beauty of this word is that there's none of the vagaries present with sleep and nap. After all..when does a nap become sleep and why? Is a nap only taken during the daytime? If so, what about the people who work all night and "sleep" during the day? Are they napping or are they asleep? And what about comas? Comas are just times of sleep when it's impossible for another outside person to wake them up. But isn't it theoretically possible for an individual to sleep so soundly that no one other than said individual can wake that person up? Are they asleep or in a coma? Is that too dependant upon the period of time, or is there some medical thing I don't know about? All these questions can be eliminated by using the word cleap. I took a cleap. I went to cleap. I had a good night's cleap. The person was acleap for 2 years, something which seriously worried everyone around them. Okay, I'm going to go to cleap now. Cleap!

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