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More Bitching about TV insanity.

February 16th/17th, 2001 - 11:30ish in the pm

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Hmmm...what do I want to discuss this time? (This is obviously a rhetorical question since you're going to read what I've decided to discuss, as it will follow this intro. There is no opportunity for input or discussion.) I don't even feel all that enthusiastic about writing a diary entry. So who knows what'll happen to this thing. I need to learn how to make those button thingys. Why? Cause I want to damnit. Will there be a word of the day? (yes, I realize this is The most important question for all of my readers...ha!) The answer to this question depends on if I get any e-mail or not. Although, honestly, I think they're going to start charging for sending me words...I'll be discontinuing or looking up my own damn words when that happens. I don't care if it's $8 a year or $8 a week...I'm still not going to pay for something I could look up myself. Anyway...

The Word of the Days

infantile [adj. PAY-a-TEN-shun]

Most generally, infantile means relating to infants or infancy. However, it's usually used more specifically to describe an extremely childish or immature person or act. Near synonyms include childish, babyish, and undeveloped. Examples: Most males between the ages of 5 and 50(this is being generous).

This word was introduced into English in the mid-1400s. It comes from the Latin infantilis, from infantem (infant). Infantem literally means not able to speak: in- (not) + fantem, from the Latin verb fari (to speak).

Okay, it's now 10 after 3 am. I just got back from watching some of the most disturbing television I've seen in recent times. What did I see that was so horrible you ask? Quite a few things. Let me count the horrors...

1. HAIRSPRAY. This may be the worst movie of our times. Ricki Lake, Sonny Bono, Pia Zadora, and some actress named of all things, Mink Stole, (dis)graced this movie with their presence. Although their presence alone would be quite enough, they had to add 1963 themes from an 80's perspective (read even BIGGER hair), and made a huge mockery out of a serious issue from the times. Also...I *really* did NOT need to see Ricki Lake try to dance during her fat years. I have no respect whatsoever for Ricki Lake. Not only that, but the whole premise was that these two twit chicks (and let's be realistic...when does the fat girl EVER win?) came up with "spontaneous" dances which they had *just* made up. The only problem with this...aside from the fact that the skinny girl did the limbo to "The Limbo Rock,"...which she made up, is that Every single dance they'd just spontaneously created had a matching song to go with it. In addition to the wonderful Limbo Rock, they also created "The Roach" and the ever-so-pleasant dance, "The Bug." And I Really needed to see the guy who did "The Bug" by putting his hand down his pants via his open fly...and then only turning halfway away from the camera to zip it back up. That just made my day right there.

2. I was watching snippets of Batman Returns in between cringing at Hairspray, and I noticed a few disturbing things while I was there. Besides the obvious...(you know, Batman's nuts, all the villains are disturbed, Michelle Pfeiffer goes completely nuts, Batman either falls for the villaness or something happens so that he never gets to keep the girl, among other things) there's the fact that at the end, Six GIGANTIC Penguins come out and become pallbearer penguins, giving a dead Danny Devito a "burial" by pushing him into the water...a sort of burial at sea I guess. Okay, I'll go along with the fact that there's giant penguins in Gotham City running loose. This is, after all, a city which allows, heck, even welcomes people who run around dressed in black leather, claiming to have kinship with a bat and that they're superheroes, as well as people who run around in purple with green hair and enough makeup to hide Tammy Faye Baker's face for a month. I'll even go along with the fact that there was this huge hideout that no one ever noticed (because after all, they never do). But I draw the line at believing that there are giant, intelligent penguins who like to act as pallbearers on occasion.

3. This leads me to a crucial point I'd forgotten. TBS countrary to popular belief, does NOT stand for the Turner Broadcasting Stations, but in reality stands for Terribly Bad/Boring Shows. They must show some of the worst movies ever made...especially if it's fairly late at night. They get worse then. But hey, maybe you have to give them credit. They're putting on the "television premiere" of Hard to Kill, a Steven Seagal movie...I don't understand how this can be a premiere. I mean, for one thing, this movie is OLD. Not a few years old, but Old old. And for another, I'm pretty sure I saw this movie on tv in the first place? I mean, there's no way I'd actually Rent this movie, and I certainly didn't go see it in the theaters, if it was ever even there. So that would kind of eliminate the possibility of this movie being a "television premiere" on TBS now, wouldn't it?

The only good thing I have to say about the movie/tv industry at the moment is that Twelfth Night kicks ass. I don't know why twelfth is spelled that way when twelve is spelled like that. Anyway, this is one of the best Shakespeare adaptations I have ever seen. A Midsummer Night's Dream was a good play, I haven't ever seen the movie version though. You can't go wrong with Ben Kingsley & Helena Bonham Carter...okay, you can, but this movie didn't. I have more to say, but it's already 5:30 in the bloody morning, it can wait.

P.S. The Weather sucks. Yay me. Cold and rainy...woohoo.

Song of the Day: I heard this song when I was in the bookstore earlier tonight, and I couldn't for the life of me remember what the title was. I could place where I'd heard it before, and when, and basically everything Except the title. So now I'll ask you. It drove me so nuts that I even went and looked it up to satisfy my curiousity. So I know what it is now, but do you? It's the song at the very End of Beetlejuice, when Lydia gets an A on her math test and gets to float and dance in the air with the dead football players to this song. Now what Was that song? Well? Come on, you know you know...or is it stuck in your head like it was in mine? Muwahahaha...

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