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Valentine's Day, Multi-tasking, & Aluminum foil?

Valentine's Day/February 15th, 2001 - 9 pm/2:40 am

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So. I started this entry around 9, then took a nap, and true to form, my computer had restarted itself while I slept. Well, I did say previously that I had no idea how long it was going to take for me to write this, and I must've been very right, because it looks like this entry's going to take awhile. Definately not in the 10 minute range, but hopefully not in the days on end range either. I don't know what my average is, but let's just guess and say 6 hours. Perhaps (probably), it's less than that, but it normally takes me at least a couple in order to say everything I wish, especially given the number of interruptions I get at every turn. I could probably write all of my entries in an hour or less if I wasn't multi-tasking all the damn time. But I do, so it takes much longer than it should. For example, in addition to writing this since I began, I've read a story, dealt with 2 seperate e-mail accounts (probably around 20-30 messages, which leads me off on tangents a lot, depending on the e-mail I get), and chatted with a few people. Talented, aren't I? Too bad multi-tasking doesn't really get anything done faster, you just do more things simultaneously, and I think it may be slower than doing one thing at a time, although that's just my opinion.

The Word of the Day

heyday [n. HAY-there stran'jer]

The heyday of a person or group is the time of greatest strength, influence, or success. Near synonyms include prime, bloom, peak, and glory. Example: "The heyday of the example had long past, yet the Word of the Day e-mail continued to include it to the irritation of all."

While one might expect heyday to have a connection to either hay or day, that appears unlikely. Some sources suggest this word is derived from high-day (a day of high celebration), but the more commonly accepted origin is the Germanic exclamation heyda (hurrah!). In the late 16th century, this cry of playfulness or surprise came to mean a state of exultation, excitement, or high spirits. By the mid-18th century, it was most often used in the modern sense (time of greatest success or vigor).

Oh, the following was in my news awhile ago, but I kept the e-mail it came from. Then I was looking for things I could delete today, so I found it, and had to open it to see why I'd kept it in the first place. This is still just as bizarre and amusing as it was to begin with, so it shall be reproduced for your amusement. It may be rather frightening actually.


Nearly every aspect of human endeavor has a Web site devoted to it. Enter www.zapatopi.net/afdb.html, a site devoted to the creation of a beanie that can stop a person from having his or her brain invaded.

The non-commercial site provides plans and photographs on how to make a beanie, entirely from foil, that wards off mind-control signals. Included are plans on how to make a beanie for your dog.

This scares me for several reasons. First of all...aluminum foil for a hat? Ummm...do you know anyone who does that other than maybe little kids? Except maybe people who are nuttier than a fruitcake? (where'd that expression come from anyway, hmm? Just how nutty Is a fruitcake?) Obviously, this person's not playing with a full deck when they want to ward off alien mind-control signals with aluminum foil. If it was that easy, everyone would wear it. And second...a Beanie?!?! No one wears Beanies anymore...they may even be illegal. And thirdly...I don't think your dog is too worried about alien mind control, or warding it off. Not to mention that it begs the question...why are YOU worrying about aliens taking over your dog through mind control?

I still have 5 or 6 things to talk about from my little black book. But I don't think I really want to mention any of them at the moment. It's already nearly 4:30 am, and I'd sort of like to finish this before then. Now, the only question left is, "Can I rant about Valentine's Day in 10 minutes or less?" And the answer to this is, I doubt it, but I may as well try anyway. I suppose it depends on how distracted I end up being from all those other things discussed earlier during the multi-tasking mini-rant. Or maybe it wasn't a mini-rant, who knows? Anyway...

So today/yesterday is/was Valentine's Day. And what I want to know is...what does candy, flowers, and cards have to do with St. Valentine? What does St. Valentine have to do with love either? No one I've spoken to thus far seems to know. So why do we celebrate this day if no one has a freaking clue as to what St. Valentine actually DID? I mean, everyone knows the Easter story, the Christmas story, the traditions of Halloween (does Halloween even have a story? Other than the Great Pumpkin story from Peanuts that is). Yet no one seems to know what the story of Valentine's Day is. I don't know why we bother. And the candy companies have somehow managed to guilt-trip the entire American population into thinking that if you don't have someone special to give/receive things to/from then you're sadly lacking and something's wrong with you. It's quite, quite irritating. Anyway, enough of this...more later on other things. And I finished with 3 minutes to spare. Lucky me. I can finish things on time occasionally it seems.

P.S. The Resurrected Songs of the Day, just for today, or maybe I'll bring them back for awhile more, depending on what I feel like doing. These songs were stuck in my head for awhile today.

Song 1: "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" by I have no idea.

Song 2: I don't remember the name of this song, so I'm just going to put a snippet in. Wise men say, only fools rush in. But I...can't help...falling in love, with you. Shall I stay, would it be a sin?....there's more, and this may be inaccurate, but I like this song damnit. I think maybe Elvis sang it and then later UB-40 perhaps? The version I was thinking of was later than Elvis...I know that much. Any guesses? And can you tell I had Valentine's Day in my head given the songs that were stuck there?

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