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Lunar Balls of Light, McDonalds, And the Effect of Words on Alliteration (& yes I know that title doesn't make sense and isn't short.)

February 8th/9th, 2001 - 11:11 pm

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Actually, it's 11:08, but I liked the symmetry thing, so I fast-forwarded time by three minutes just because. They've changed the way diaryland is set up. It is now a soothing blue color. I like it better than that orangish color that it was before. I've neglected my diary for so long that I now have a stockpile of words to share. I've got 5, I'm going to get rid of a few. Vertigo wasn't that interesting, so that word has been eliminated. (Notice, no democratic voting process...this IS a dictatorship and I rule with an iron fist...muwahahaha...) So that leaves four. Maybe I want to pick 2 or 3 for now, and then leave 1 or so for another day? Perhaps. Let's see...what other words do I have? There's sympatico. I hate that word (is that ironic?), so we won't do that one either. The other three look sort of cool though...I think, so we'll put those in here.

And now, The Mouseketeers, in conjunction with Mr. Rogers, Barney, and all those other annoying children's tv shows, semi-proudly present....

The Words of the Days (b/c there are two up there after all):


(Damn do I hate those pronunciation things! This is one of my favorite hypocritical words. Nice to know the english language can still take the original meaning of a word and turn it around so completely the original doesn't even apply anymore. We're all hypocrites...yippee!)

In the 16th century, libertine meant a freethinker, particularly someone who followed his or her own views on religious matters, contrary to the established beliefs.

Now the noun libertine is used disparagingly for a person (usually a man) unrestrained by moral conventions. Near synonyms include debauchee, sensualist, profligate, and rake. The adjective libertine means morally and socially unrestrained.

The word comes from the Latin libertinus, which in ancient Rome meant a freedman (a former slave who had been set free.)

Word of the Day Number Two:


(I don't really like this word, but it meant something other than I thought it meant, which is enough to merit its being placed here, and probably why I don't like this word. Perverse bitch, aren't I? hehehe...)

In the late 1500s, the English derived the word panoply from the Greek panoplia. The Greek word described a complete suit of armor. It was made up of pan- (all) and hopla (the plural of arms, armor).

Still today, panoply can mean a full suit of armor or other protective covering. A panoply can also mean ceremonial attire. Near synonyms of this sense include regalia, trappings, and get-up.

However, panoply is now usually used to mean a magnificent or impressive array or a wide range of different things.

The Third and Final Word of the Days:

(Good thing I stay consistant to my way of ennumerating things, isn't it?)

mendacity [Punctuation deleted yet again b/c it annoys me.]

(Really, this word would go much better with the word from This diary entry. I mean, I can so see someone being vituperative towards someone else because of their mendacity, or tendancy to be that way.)

Mendacity is dishonesty or untruthfulness, or the tendency to lie. This noun can also mean the dishonest act itself. A lie, deceit, or falsehood is a mendacity.

Mendacity came into English in the mid-1600s via the French mendacite, from Late Latin mendacitas, from the Latin mendax (lying).

The adjective form mendacious means given to deception or falsehood.

Well, that's it for multiple word origins. Hope you've enjoyed your 10 minutes of torture, thanks for playing our game. We now return you to your regularly scheduled really rapidly random reaction to rabidly risque rascally rabbits.

Oooooh, I just have to tell you this. I was at McDonalds tonight, and I was so happy. They FINALLY brought back their cherry pies! You remember, they used to have them years ago in addition to their apple ones, and then they suddenly got rid of them for no specified reason? Well, the cherry pies have returned. So maybe the question we should ask isn't "Vanilla or Chocolate?" but "Apple or Cherry?" instead. (P.S. Twist, and Cherry. I'm glad they got the cherry ones back, I don't like apple pies from McDonalds all that much. Why did they get rid of them in the first place, does anyone know?)

It is once again the full moon (or close enough for my purposes at least), which means I get even stranger than normal for no apparent reason. Whoo hoo! I really like it when I get to do that. Of course, there are no conspiracy theories in this one, so maybe it's just not as weird as I get when I don't sleep or am ill. That's when the really weird stuff comes out.

Just a random thought inspired by someone else. Where do thoughts that cross your mind come from? And where are they going to? In addition to this, why is anything in the English language spelled the way it is? Some words are just spelled really weird. I can't think of any in particular at the moment, I just know they exist. I have questioned their spelling before and I will do it again!

Oooooh...another thought, brought about by the random person I saw walking the street the other day with headphones, screaming random things at various intervals. If you're a large black man, hell, you could be white, brown, pink, purple, or orange for that matter; and you wish to keep the goodwill of society at large...it would be a good idea to NOT go walking down the street shouting things about guns and such, not if you want to still be regarded as sane that is.

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