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A not-very short description. The Final Words Chapter? and my irritation towards Diaryland.

January 28th/29th, 2001 - 10:04 pm

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AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I swear, diaryland is trying to prevent me from revealing my theory. They already deleted my entry once, and now, when I was typing this again, I hit the backspace key and it ate my entry again! At least it wasn't finished this time. Now it's 12:45 am on the 29th of January, no matter what that time thing says up top. That's just when I started this entry for the second time the first time. And if that doesn't make sense, well too bad. Anyway, this won't be the same as the other two deleted-by-diaryland entries, but I'm not sure it's possible to duplicate exactly from memory any of the diary entries I've ever done, so I guess that's okay. It's not REALLY okay, b/c this is royally pissing me off, but it's better than this entry never getting put up. So anyway, here's...

The Word of the Day (not the same as the original word of the day for that other entry that was deleted, but it's not like anyone cares about these things anyway, or as if it matters if I substitute one word for another...no one really cares what I do with these things, nor do they find it interesting, its just my way of inflicting pain and torture upon my voyeurs)

ham-fisted (Pronunciation deleted b/c I can do that)

Ham-fisted means clumsy or inept. Someone who does things in an awkward or unskilled manner, especially when working with their hands, can be described as ham-fisted. (Example deleted b/c it annoyed me.)

Ham-fisted is chiefly used by the British, Australians, and

Canadians. Graceless Americans are called ham-handed. The origins of ham-fisted and ham-handed are unclear. Both date from the early 1900s.

There then followed something or other that I can't remember and may not have even been here anyway, but I'm just going to assume there was. This will obviously not be repeated, as I can't even remember if it existed, much less what it was. After that, in the original, I went into my theory, and then a few questions. I have every intention of reversing the order this time and doing the questions first so that you have that much more to read before you get to see the theory. And if you don't like it that way, that's just too damn bad. It's my diary and I get to organize it any way I bloody well please. And so...

The question section:

Why on Earth are The Rolling Stones still touring, singing, and seen as "sex symbols"? I mean, they're all OLD! They should just give it up and go away. I think there should be some sort of cutoff point, where when they look horrible, have been around forever, and are no longer producing anything good, they should just fade away to obscurity.

The other night as I was walking home, (obviously this wasn't in the original version b/c I wrote the original like the 24th, which was not the other night) I noticed that my shadow kept changing. At times, I'd have one solid, dark black shadow, and at other times, I'd have 2, 3, or even 4 shadows, one of which would be darker than the rest, although not as dark as when there was just one, and the others would be lighter or more elongated, or something. Once I noticed this, I had one thought running through my head concerning this all the way home. Is having multiple shadows an indication of multiple personalities? Is it a symbol of the fracturing and disintegration of our society? Or is it just a trick of the light? Any ideas?

I have other questions, but I think I'll go to the theory now, seeing as how if I put too many questions here, they'll find a way to kill my diary entry yet again, which will not make me at all happy. And besides, I think one of my questions will be better presented after the theory, since there are tie-ins. (And if there aren't tie-ins, I'm going to find some! muwahahahaha!!!)

Okay...here it is. THE THEORY:

My new theory is: It's all Disney's fault and everything needs to be blamed on Disney.

And the explanation for this is forthcoming, although I don't think it'll be as good of an explanation as it was originally, but you never saw the original, so what do you know? It goes like this. Disney is softing up the world for the apocalypse and world domination. Their preparation for this is evidenced by the proliferation of former Mouseketeers in the music world and positions of influence, if not power. Also, one must not forget that is was blond Floridians, who deliberately manufactured that whole counting thing which managed to elect Bush. These people, in league with the people who constructed the confusing ballot and the people who voted in obscure ways just to create more confusion, were all under the employ of the Disney corporation. This was all done in order to elect Bush, the biggest moron of our era ever to be placed into a position of power where he could manage to screw up as much as possible, if only through sheer idiocy, in a four year period, bringing about the apocalypse that much sooner.

Other evidence for Disney's influence and aim of the destruction of the world is seen in the abovementioned Mouseketeer plot. Disney has managed to finagle many former Mouseketeers (who, as former employees of Disney are still undercover-agents working to achieve the goals of the corporation) into positions in the music world. These Mouseketeers then create songs which are highly repetitive and somewhat catchy and hypnotic. These songs, when played, become implanted in a person's brain, where they repeat over and over and over. The repetition of the song causes braincells to die, with more briancells dying with repeated exposure. These songs are combined with presumeably physically appealing figures, so that young people will watch them, thus destroying people early and affecting the generation which will be most influential in the future. When the singer's physical form is not deemed appealing enough to the opposite sex, they undergo plastic surgery in order to increase their attractiveness. Eventually, this process will peak and The Brian Wilson Factor and Theory will come into play, causing the apocalypse and the rise of Annette Funicello to power.

Okay, now more questions....

Why is the cost of college almost prohibitive? It's so expensive, it's almost as if the country doesn't WANT it's youth educated at a higher level. In fact, I bet Disney doesn't. And even when the kids DO go to college, things are expensive, especially textbooks...damn monopolies, and a lot of the time the experience of getting a college education seems to leave the individual less educated than they were to begin with. Bush went to...Yale was it? And yet, he doesn't seem to have improved in intelligence for having gone there...although that could be b/c of the crack. Or was it cocaine? I forget. Personally, I think college sucks all the knowledge out of your head that is of any use, leaving only useless trivia good for things like Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Speaking of which...Disney is linked to ABC and they created that piece of trash to show the world how well they are succeeding in their quest to make the American populace stupid beyond words.

I have other questions and things to take exception to, but I don't really want to spend more time writing about them, and besides, I have snippets of my ideas written down on this spiffy black notebook beside my computer so that I don't forget them. So I'll discuss those other two or three things in the NEXT diary entry. And it is now more or less 4:15 am...not 2 days to complete, but lengthy nonetheless.

P.S. (Note to Self: Post things during daytime hours, more random voyeurs come visit. Besides....IF YOU POST IT....They Will Come. (Is it just me, or has everyone in the freaking WORLD ripped off that line from Field of Dreams? I don't even LIKE that movie, and I just did it! Bad me! Bad me!)) I shall thwart Diaryland's evil plans to drive me nuts by not posting my message when I tell it to and then erasing it when I hit the back button by copying it before I hit done! Muwahahaha! They can't stop me now!!! Muwahahaha!!! I WIN!!!!!

Geez....forget one little " and the whole entry goes to hell.

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