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Words? Or No words? Also, a continuation of the apparently non-existent theory from last time.

January 21st, 2001 - 1 amish

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I think this may be the earliest I've started an entry in awhile. I'd better remedy that and either make this entry really Really long or come back to it infrequently so that it takes forever for me to finish it and it doesn't get posted until about 4 am or so. Anyway, this is a continuation of This Last Entry, which is itself a continuation of Another previous entry. So basically, this is a trilogy, which may be expanded further into something bigger and just become increasingly misnamed, much like The Hitchhiker's Guide Trilogy (which is at least a quintet, and might even be a sextet, I can't remember). Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah, someplace in the NEWS snippets I think. We might as well continue with those.


Surfs in excess of 20 feet have been raking some areas of Australia's North Shore during what has been a turbulent summer season.

The near-record waves were born of storms off the Hawaiian Islands. National Weather Service meteorologist Norman Hui says coastal warnings have been issued but these have not kept ardent surfers from risking their lives in the curls. Hui says the surf along Pacific coastal areas should diminish to the 10-foot level in the coming week.

Meanwhile civil defense officials along the Australian shoreline say they continue to have a hard time convincing would-be surfers that the beautiful waves can be killers.

(Crazy Australian people. What can you expect? They ARE surfers after all...blond usually with the implied connotations.)


It was 10 years ago that things loosened up in Soviet society to allow a true, mostly free press in Russia. To celebrate the anniversary Russian President Vladimir Putin gathered with a group of Russian government leaders and the heads of media outlets over the weekend.

Privately owned TV station NTV says that during the Communist regime a yearly celebration to praise "a free press" was held to coincide with the anniversary of the founding of the state-run "mouthpiece" for the government, Pravda.

Putin re-stated his contention that if Russia is to be truly free and progressive it must have an unfettered press. The Russian leader paraphrased American writer Mark Twain in saying that the "death of Russian journalism has been highly exaggerated."

(They're still under the false impression that they have freedom of the press?!?! Poor, poor delusional Russians. And they quoted Mark Twain...who's been dead for awhile now and said that long before the Communist era even Started, let alone Ended! (I think? When did Twain kick the bucket anyway?) So that quote was highly irrelevent and inappropriate...typical.)


For years James Randi has billed himself as the world's foremost skeptic. In the past 13 months he's debunked more "millennium end of the world" theories than he can count. He says people are too gullible today, and fall for too many con artists. (Good thing Orson Welles isn't preparing another "War of the Worlds" broadcast!)

Now, fresh from dealing with fakers playing on the fears of people as 2000 rolled into 2001, Randi is on the lecture circuit. In late 1999 he was telling the world that 2000 is an arbitrary figure. "It's what happens when you add one to 1999."

He believes with Arthur C. Clarke that 2001 did start the true millennium. He tells the Rocky Mountain News that it's been a double whammy this time around with the world coming to an end twice, the second time exactly one year after the first time.

(I can't believe people needed someone who bills himself as "The Amazing Randi" to tell them that the world really Wasn't going to explode and everyone on Earth wasn't going to die...and not only for just 1 year, but for two. He's right...people are gullible beyond belief.)


For people who love animals and just can't get to a zoo, there are only two choices:

Listen to Bob and Ray's "Komodo Dragon" skit for the 100th time or go on online: Some Random Animal Site I haven't even Looked at but will inflict upon you anyway

The site is a mish-mash of interesting and strange stories about animals of all types.

There are also a couple of "in memorial" sites put up by grieving pet owners whose "best friends" had to be buried in the back yard.

(Why did I feel like including this in the NEWS snippets again? I certainly don't remember, but I'm not about to take it out now.)

More random sites I feel like inflicting upon you:

(These are actually fairly amusing rather than something which is Inflicted upon you. And it's not like you have to click on it anyway.)

Random Site Number 1:

Useless Information...things everyone needs to know, especially trivia addicts...and interesting all the same. The Electric Pickle, The Origin of the Plastic Pink Flamingo, and the Flubber Episode...all interesting and informative.

Random Site Number 2:

Some of the funniest things I've read in awhile...perfect for people who like the cartoons and sci-fi films of yesteryear and today.

I think that's all the random sites I feel like inflicting you with for the moment. Tune in tomorrow or so for some games!

Oooooh, this is appropriate..sort of. I thought I wasn't going to have a word of the day, but I have just been proven wrong by my e-mail. And so....

The Word Of the Day

inaugurate [v. in-AH-gyu-rate or in-AH-guh-rate]

To inaugurate is to induct a person into office with a formal ceremony. Near synonyms include install, induct, instate, and commission. Example: "Americans traditionally inaugurate their new president every four years on January 20."

The verb inaugurate also means to make a formal beginning. Near synonyms of this sense include initiate, commence, begin, originate, launch, and activate.

Inaugurate can also mean to introduce an object, product, or program into public use by a formal ceremony.

In the late 16th century inaugurate was derived from the Latin word inaugurare (to consecrate by augury). This Latin word referred to the practice of foretelling the future by the flight of birds and installing someone in office only after the proper omens had been observed.

(There followed a link about how America inaugurated a new President a few days ago, but choose not to include it here b/c I have all the power and can do things like that, and I decided that Bush didn't deserve a link, so there!)

Alright, That's it. This entry is damn well long enough. And I STILL haven't gotten to my Theory and it's tie-ins. I guess there's just going to have to be a 4th installment of this. I really don't feel like writing that whole theory and it's accompanying proof at the moment. And besides, you know how way up there I mentioned how I'd started this entry earlier than normal, and how it was going to take forever for me to finish it? Well, after about 6 reboots, various cleaning activities being done, and a saving of part of this to a Word document for safety, this entry is finally finished. And the time? Oh, it's January 22nd, 2001 at about 3:40 am. A record I believe...even for me. You know, about 27 hours from start to finish. Anyway...I guess this will have to be continued too. Damn inaccurately named trilogies.

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