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January 16th, 2001 - 2:15 am

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I was in the grocery store the other day...okay, okay, I know, this is getting you bogged down in the mundane details of my life, but there really is an interesting point here, I swear! Just bear with me...or don't, whatever. I can't Force you to read this after all (although maybe I could hypnotize you into doing it...except I don't have any skills that I know of in hypnotism, so maybe I couldn't). Anyway...back to the grocery store thing...I was in the grocery store on Sunday (yes, I know it's Monday night now, but I was asleep for awhile alright?!?!) morning (ugh...morning, I don't even like the word, let alone the actual state of the day)...and I was looking through the ice cream aisle. I was very amused...Ben & Jerry's now makes a flavor of ice cream called "Chubby Hubby." While incredibly amusing, I have to wonder...who exactly does this appeal to? All I can remember about it is that it contained pretzels. But really, who are they marketing such an ice cream For?!?! I'd really like to know. I doubt they're marketing it for yuppies or small children or gay men or soldiers or anyone else I can think of. Are they marketing it for overweight husbands? Or maybe the wives of said husbands? I don't know. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Did I have any other things I wanted to say? Probably not. Did I want to babble on some more so that it seems like there's more to this entry than just a few words of the day? It seems so. Ohhhh...I found this site that has a lot of interesting useless stories that are pretty spiffy. So you should go there and learn Useless Information...everyone needs it! I think I shall end it here, I don't really have anything incredibly useful to impart to my voyeurs, and you wouldn't listen to me anyway, so I might as well just go to bed (ha! as if that's what's Really going to happen?!?!).

The Words Of The Day (Yes, there's more than one this time, and if you don't like it, that's just too damn bad!):


A restaurant is an eating establishment where meals are served to customers.

The word comes from the French equivalent of the English verb restore and is ultimately from the Latin restaurare (to restore).

The first public dining room that came to be known as a restaurant was opened in Paris in 1765. A soup vendor advertised his new business venture with a sign advertising his restoratives (or as it read in French, his "restaurants"). The vendor was referring to his

revitalizing soups and broths but the word restaurant came to be associated with the eating institution itself.


Minutiae are petty details, trivial matters or objects.

Example: "Don was a big picture man, he didn't want to get bogged down in the minutiae of the project."

Minutiae is the plural of minutia (a minor detail). Near synonyms include trivia, trifles, details, subtleties, and particulars.

In the 1750s, this word was borrowed from the Late Latin of the same spelling. This was in turn derived from the Latin minutus (small). Minutus is the same Latin root that gives us the words minute (my-NYOOT, very small) and minute (MIN-it, one sixtieth of an hour).

P.S. Or rather...in addition, the time will be somewhere around 3:23 am when this is finished.

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