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December 18th/19th, 2000 - 12:45 am

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Again, I miss a day by 40 minutes or so...I really must remember to start these things earlier. I can't say that I did anything amazingly spectacular or worth writing about today, but then again, I never write about my day anyway, so it's not like it matters.

Trying to find a good Christmas music station on this thing is disappointing. It's not satisfying my cheesy, sappy, sentimental Christmas music urge at all. Any ideas?

Song of the Day (There's a theme, it's that time of the year, might as well go with it): "Silver Bells" by whoever sang it...and I'm sure there were many.

Bonus Song of the Day: "Carol of the Bells" by...well, same as above.

I was going to try to get this done by 1 am, but that's obviously not going to happen, so I guess I'll have to type faster and talk to other people less...maybe set the goal for 1:15 or 1:30...which is pretty damn fast for me when you consider it. As you know, according to my previous rant, the faux Brad Pitt had to end his diary. While I was sad about my source of amusement being ended, there is now a second, poorly disguised Brad Pitt clone, which goes by the name of Dick Blow instead. The only thing changed is the names, and those are changed in a very slight, sad way...with just a few letters changed. While supposedly as entertaining as the original, or meant to be I assume, somehow the effect is just irritation. I may keep reading it for awhile longer, just to make sure it really IS irritating, and then I will either be amused and continue reading, or annoyed, in which case, it will be summarily thrown out of my favorites list and into the trash can.

The song..."Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" has been forever ruined in my head, due to it's instant association with Home Alone, that irritating movie with that irritating child star who is now completely forgotten by all.

Oh, in addition to the new second fake brad pitt diary with a different name, I have found another source of reading. I'm not entirely sure how I managed to find this one, but I'm fairly sure it was complicated, so I'm not going to explain it. Basically, I found This. It's not a bad diary...almost all the entries are short, and some of them are amazingly apt, not to mention amusing.

The radio thing I was listening to? Well, Internet Explorer kindly performed an illegal opperation, and the window it was using shut down, and so now I still have music coming from my speakers but no way to change any of the settings, including the channel, until probably when I shut down the computer...it's very interesting that the window closed but the music didn't stop? Face it, my computer's screwy. (I already knew this...I just thought you might like to know.)

Final thing (hopefully anyway, it's awfully close to 1:30 am now), okay, maybe two things...why are sports so fascinating to males and why are people who play sports professionally paid so damn much? I mean, what good are professional athletes anyway? What do they do for the community? And how come professional athletes, who do next to nothing and have a small impact on the future, paid tons of money when teachers, who shape and mold the young minds of the nation's future leaders and decision makers paid a pittance? Any ideas? Alright, that's enough of this....and only 5 minutes over too, wooohoo!

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