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Ummm...I Don't Remember. Something about Disney & Smiley Faces & A Word of the Day I think

December 14th, 2000 - 2:30 am

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I doubt I'll have time to do one for the 15th by itself, but we'll see what we can do. It might be I'll do one late on Friday, who knows? Certainly not me at this point...although I imagine I'll know later. Hmmm...what did I want to rant about again?

Word of the Day:

mendicant [n. or adj. MEN-d'-k'nt]

A mendicant is someone who lives in poverty, usually surviving by begging. Example: "There were many homeless people and mendicants on the streets during the depression."

Mendicant is also an adjective that describes someone begging or living on alms, or anything else characteristic of a beggar.

It also describes someone of a Roman Catholic order who takes a vow of poverty and supports himself by working in the church and through charitable contributions.

The word is from the Latin mendicant, which comes from mendicare (to beg). This is a variation on mendicus (beggarly, needy), which comes ultimately from mendum (physical defect). This same root also brings us the words amend (change for the better) and mend (to repair).

I'm sure you didn't need to know this word either, but I'm tired to trying to do songs that I haven't done before and I get this word of the day thing in my e-mail daily so it's not at all difficult to copy and paste things and come up with a word of the day. Occasionally I actually even find this stuff interesting...and as long as I get them, and feel like putting them in my diary, you Will be subjected to them and NO, there isn't anything you can do about it...muwahahahaha!

Do not adjust your television...I control the horizontal and the vertical... Eep! I was channeling either the Twillight Zone or the Outer Limits for a minute there, I forget which. Anyway, I guess the same applies here, except it's not a tv, it's a computer...and you can change the webpage at any given point in time, I just want you to read the whole thing first before you do that. So on second thought, it doesn't really apply at all damnit! I may have done this before, but we'll say it again...

I Hate Those Stupid Smiley Face Emoticon Thingys!!!!!!

I mean honestly, I didn't like them when they were stickers, and I certainly don't like them now. I mean, who wants to look Yellow anyway?!? I don't want to look like a pudgy-round faced person with jaundice at any given point in time. And it's not like they make them interesting and you can have them in different colors...Nooooo, you have to be Yellow! It's quite irritating and they really tick me off. Anyway....moving on...

Why do people on the Internet have to attatch the words hun or hon onto everything they say to people they don't even know? Sometimes I find this irritating...and perplexing as well. It's okay if you know the person well, it's an endearment of sorts, but just using it at random with everyone you know, and even people you don't know is rather off-putting. It seems too familiar for me...they seem to be acting as if they know you when really they've only been speaking to you for all of 5 minutes, or less and they just threw it in there. Okay, enough of that...(It's possible there was more I wanted to say about that but have forgotten due to the time lag..as in it's been awhile since I wrote that part.)

Disney is Evil. I mean, think about it. Disney has been responsible for some many atrocities. They've made the public image of witches so bad they have to conceal their true nature. They've mocked little people in various ways. They're responsible for the horror that is the Mickey Mouse Club, which has produced such monstrocities as Britney Spears, Jessica whoever, and Annette Funicello. They are also linked to ABC in some strange way that I don't really understand...and ABC is responisble for the Evil that is Who wants to be a Millionaire and Regis Philbin (who creeps me out for reasons that shall go unnamed...although you may feel free to speculate if you wish). So basically, ABC is Evil, Disney is Evil, and there must be some plot between the two of them to deluge the world with inspid boring things that will rot the minds of everyone in America, causing the entire country to revert to a state not unlike that of Florida and complete idiots who will be governed thenceforth on a sort of Kurt Vonnegut (I don't think I spelled his last name right) future...like in that one story Harrison Bergeron (good short story by the way). Anyway...enough of this...I've been typing on and off for 2 hours and 15 minutes, time to go to sleep (maybe!)

Bubbles! (That was a good game...I wish I could beat it...damn level 100).

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