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December 12th/13th, 2000 - 10:40 pm

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Well, I typed in the time at 10:40 pm on the 12th, but I didn't type a word of this entry until 11:30 pm...I'm not procrastinating, am I? So I typed a sentence and then I didn't type another until nearly midnight. Half an hour per sentence means this entry will probably take until some time in the wee hours of Thursday morning before I finish it. So I'll write faster. It would probably help if I actually had a set topic in mind...and if I wasn't playing games, etc. as well as typing. Actually, it'd really help if I just had a vague idea of what I wanted to write about. Since I don't, you're to be subjected to me being scatterbrained, mindless, and random, jumping from topic to topic at will. (Just one question...this is different from normal HOW? okay, okay, you're right..fine, this is just a normal entry...normal being entirely subjective of course, since it's difficult to really define.)

Okay, so in the last entry (no, no linkage for you, I don't want to go to the trouble), I talked about the moon. I guess yesterday was the true full moon, and tonight is just a little past it, but still...we'll discuss it anyway. I was really irritated that I couldn't see the full moon last night. The weather was all uncooperative...it was foggy (which normally I don't mind), and misting almost, which kind of sucks when it's cold, but the important part is the sky was so covered with clouds I didn't get to see it.

I wrote a little note to myself above so that I have a reminder of random things that have occured to me when I forget about them later when I actually get around to talking to them. I had to insert this section just to cover myself in case I forget to erase them later. I need to find a more convenient place to write things. A notepad would be good...then I could scribble random things down with my spiffy new Purple Pen, but I'd probably lose it underneath the clutter on my desk and then there just really wouldn't be a point to it...oh well, there goes that idea. Oh yeah, instead of a song of the day, there will be a word of the day...so here 'tis:

netherworld [n. NETH-ur-wurld

The netherworld is the world of the dead, often thought of as a world lying beneath the earth's surface. Near synonyms include hell and Hades.

A visit to the netherworld could also be an encounter with society's lower depths, the criminal underworld.

Example: "His thorough knowledge of the netherworld made police suspect that the author was somehow connected with a crime family."

Netherworld is a combination of nether (lying below) and world. While this noun first appeared in English in the 1600s, nether had been in use since before 900. The Middle English nethere developed from the Old English neothera, which was derived from nither (further down).

This word is related to beneath (below) which was formed from the Old English be- and nither.

Yes, I'm sure you really didn't need to know any of that, but Too damn bad....now you know anyway. It's not even like this was the most fascinating word in the world or anything...I just felt like it. Now what was I actually going to talk about? *scrolling up* Oh yeah...that really pisses me off. How come nailpolish names have absolutely nothing to do with their color 98% of the time? I bought nailpolish tonight, and it's called "Lickety Split" of all things...what kind of a color is Lickety Split anyway?!?! I thought that was a phrase means really fast or right away or something like that...but apparently it's also a nailpolish color that is a sort of emerald/forest greenish color. I also have nailpolish called "Splash" and "Prism"...no, I don't know why. Their colors are some shade of blue and a silvery light purple. I can sort of see the splash one, since it is blue, and that's associated with water and splash is associated with water as well, but Prism? How does one describe the color of a prism? I thought they were clear things that broke up light into other colors...that's not what this nailpolish does. It's kind of irritating when I think of it. I guess in the long run it doesn't matter, since no one ever buys nailpolish according to the name, it's always based on the color...sometimes people don't even look at the name. It's not like people buy nailpolish just so they can say they're wearing Pearl Pluto nailpolish today. Few people even can name the exact color of nailpolish they're wearing when you ask them.

And a question for the end...Why is McDonald's food...if it can be called food...so scary? Any ideas, conspiracies, comments? Write it on the message board damn you...don't make me make that link huge!

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