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The Moon, Otis Redding, & A Snippet

December 11th (sortof), 2000 - 6:45 pm

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Okay, so if it's 6:45 pm, it's not December 11th, it's December 10th, I realize...but I really don't care and I won't have the time to do this later, and I'm procrastinating anyway, so there! I shouldn't really, I'm not going to get any sleep as it is, but oh well. And there was something I was going to talk about in the last entry that I forgot, but then was reminded of the next day, and I don't really want to forget it again, so I almost have to do this now before my creativity dies a slow death.

What I wanted to talk about was the moon. I was walking home from work Friday, and I looked up at the moon, and it would've made a great picture. There's just something special about a full moon. Why is it supposed to make people crazy anyway? I actually like the full moon. And it's obviously been very influential historically, etc. After all, there are plenty of words that come from the Latin root of lune I think it is. Lunatic, lunacy, the French word for Monday...lundi, and I'm sure there are other words that derrive from the word for the moon, but I just don't know what they are. Why is the moon held responsible for going crazy and things of that nature anyway? And why the full moon in particular? I mean, there are all these...folk tales for lack of a better word, about people going crazy with the full moon and werewolves changing into beasts for the full moon...Where did they all come from?!? How did these things start? What are their origins? Personally, I find the moon, especially a full one, rather fascinating. There's something intriguing and mysterious about the moon. Maybe it's the fact that there is a side of the moon that we never see...the "Dark Side of the Moon" if you wish. It gives the moon a mysteriousness which is unparalleled thus far. It seems so close, the closest thing in the sky we can see at night, and yet there is a whole half of the moon which has never been seen, and which can't be seen. It gives the moon a sense of unreality...and it's very cool that way, even if it is very difficult to describe and I don't think I've done it adequately. I wonder if there will ever be colonies on the moon? You'd think with all the Sci-fi stuff that's been written on that premise there would be, wouldn't you? Anyway, something to think about hmmm? (I know I know...now I want you to think?!?! And here you thought the whole point was to just read my rants and laugh...now you actually have to think.) Oh yeah, the time's about 8 pm now...(no, it's Still not the 11th.)

The song of the day will be as a tribute to the person in the following news article. The song was pretty good too. Instead of the news, this is Today in History:

1967: Otis Redding killed in plane crash

Otis Redding, a soul-music singer from Georgia, recorded the

song "Dock of the Bay" in San Francisco on December 7, 1967. Three days later, on his way to a concert in Madison, Wisconsin, his plane crashed into an icy lake near the airport, killing Redding and four members of his backup band. "Dock of the Bay" went on to top national charts, and is now considered one of the classics of soul music. Only 26 when he died, Redding was already at the very top of

the black music market, and was just gaining nationwide popularity with white audiences as well.

More about Otis Redding:

Otis Redding

Song Snippet(It was on the radio, what can I say?): Look at them yoyos, that's the way you do it...money for nothing and chicks for free. That ain't working, that's the way you do it...custom kitchen, deliveries...we've got to move these, refridgerators, we've got to move these color TVs... (I forgot who sings this song? Oh yeah, I think I remember now.)

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