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Colored Pens and Awayness

December 8th?/9th/10th?, 2000 - 1:30ish

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Well, I'm constructing this and will post this after I finally reach 500 people...I only need one person, so I might be writing this after more than the required number have visited, since I tend to be rather wordy. Verbose, if you want to be technical, or use a more "elevated" word. The reason why there are question marks beside two of the dates above (just in case you were wondering...and if you weren't, well you're just going to be told anyway!) is because it's already about an hour and 45 minutes past the 8th, and it's not the 10th yet...and the 10th may or may not have a seperate entry of it's own, just because I feel like it. I already have more than 500 people now actually...so I could post at any time, but I don't want to post now, and I just can't let 3 days worth be this short, it would be almost criminal....I would be depriving you people of your given (given? by whom?) right to read my random rantings of record (I couldn't think of another r word that would fit other than randomness...which would've been repetitive). Anyway, here goes...or does it?

I bought a purple pen today. I have come to realize that pens are the adult version of crayons for kids. They're colored, you don't really use them for anything except beause they look cool, and you can do the adult form of child's scribbling....doodling. This is used universally by young adults of all ages and bored people to help pass the time when one really does not want to be in the place where they wish they were. Also, there must be some weird relationship between adults and colored pens. Maybe it allows their creative/expressive side to emerge and makes taking copious notes less boring if you can be all amazed, amused, or interested in the color scheme. Or maybe black and blue and red just become really really boring after awhile and after upteen years of looking at it, they just get really bored, and think, screw it...today I'm going to write in Green! Or maybe I'm just completely strange and the only one who sees the allure of colored pens. This is also a completely plausible explanation for anything and anything all the time. Anyway, on the the next little bit of insanity that people may or may not understand.

I was wondering about the difference in the statuses (What is the plural of that word anyway? And I'm still wondering if there's a feminine or other form of author...is there such thing as an authoress?) of Be Right Back and Away. As far as I know, I think MSN Messanger Service is the only one that makes a distinction between the two, but still...how much difference is there between those two? Also, when do you use one over the other? Is there a time limit of some sort? Do you put it on Be Right Back if you plan on being away for a period of say 15 minutes or less, and Away if you plan on being absent for longer than that? Who decides these things anyway? And how can they be seperatte anyway? I mean, if you say that you're going to be right back, that means you're leaving or you've left, and if you put it to away, you mean the same thing. I don't know how much difference there is between the two...if they can be used interchangeably, why does there need to be both of them? Why can't they just have away as a status and then have another status like Nobody Home or something? And why does there need to be descriptions of why you're away? Does anyone talking to you really NEED to know what you're doing while you're not at the computer? What if the person you're talking to is some random stranger and you don't want to let them know that you've left to cook or go to the bathroom or stand on your head and practice your circus routine? I mean, is it Really necessary that the whole world know what you're doing while you're not on the computer? Is there no privacy anymore? Enough of this...next!

I still haven't gotten much response on my Request for Diary Writers While I Go On Vacation yet. I'd really like it if I could get at least 3 or 4 people to write these things while I'm on vacation. Hmmmm...maybe next time I'll play with the fonts or something. That might be cool. I'd play with the colors within the text, but I don't really know how to change text colors within the text yet...although I might fiddle with it. My personal version of colored pens in cyberspace. Anyway, that's it...it's now roughly 4 am, minus about 5 minutes. It's not very long, not compared with the last entry anyway, but if you don't like it, you can just go die.

Ooooh, Song of the Day (It just popped into my head, I swear!): "Broken Wings" by Mister Mister. Good song...I like it anyway.

Other Song of the Day: "3 a.m." by Matchbox 20

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