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A Request and the Twisted News with Reader's Comments (Me being the reader, not someone else you silly people!)

December 5th/6th & maybe 7th, 2000 - 12:37 am

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Oops...looks like I missed a dual entry for the 5th/6th by about 40 minutes. Too bad, so sad. You all will just have to live with it. And if you can't...well then, I guess you'll just have to shoot yourself. (Disclaimer: No, I do not advocate suicide under any circumstances, and if you blame me for your death, I will manage to make this entry mysteriously disappear...see Cand? I DO have powers after all!) I have this theory...my mouse only goes all bonkers when it Knows I'm writing or typing a lot, just so that way, it can achieve a maximum of frustration and anger, for a minimum of work. Or maybe this is my mouse's way of cutting my diary entries short so I don't ramble on and on and on and on so much. Oh yeah, and I didn't post on the 5th b/c I was unhappy with someone else's reluctance to post. (No, I don't feel like saying who....if you don't know, then you obviously are not that person, and if you are that person, then you do know and I don't need to tell you again.) Anyway, I know I had something I wanted to say....what was it? Oh yeah, I need to look at my e-mail for the news. And then I have a special request.

And now for the weird and twisted news (with my comments of course!):

1. The Australian wrestling match between former NBA standout Dennis Rodman and a former WWF/WCW champion made its American pay-per-view debut last weekend.

Now every wrestling match has to have some gimmick or twist. This one featured Rodman throwing the REFEREE out of the ring. Throwing your opponent over the ropes is nothing unusual. Tossing out an official is not that common, particularly in big-ticket matches. The referee, Neil Isaak, says he's going to talk with a Los Angeles lawyer to see what to do next.

(yes, this was a special, hopefully 1-time only deal where I actually mention wrestling...I have no intentions of ever doing it again, seeing as how I hate it. But still, wouldn't it be cool if they did that in every other "sport" as well? They could throw referees out of everything, and then it'd just be a huge Free-for-all. That might even be one sport game I'd actually Watch. Of course, that'll never happen.)

2. The stores may be putting up their holiday decorations earlier and earlier each year, but Americans tend to take their time when it comes to holiday shopping. That's according to a recent survey conducted for Tupperware. 50 percent of those questioned said they wait until the holiday rush to begin shopping. 61 percent admitted they're still making purchases well into December and as late as the eve of the holiday.

(Can I just say how glad I am that this is true? And how much I hate how they have this urge to put everything up like the day after Halloween, completely melding Thanksgiving and Christmas into one two month long holiday shopping time? And how much it irritates me, as well as others, to be subjected to this constant bombardment of Christmas themes and music and sappy songs for months on end? But this may or may not be a rant for another time and I now need to be moving on if I'm ever to finish this entry.)

3. The Roman Catholic Church has evicted a 73-year-old nun from her church residence in Boston because she performed baptismal rites reserved for priests only.

Sister Jeannette T. Normandin also was disciplined for wearing priestly garb during a wedding.

(Gee..aren't Roman Caltholics ever so nice and kind and charitable?)

4. They're calling Bill Gates a "modern-day Andrew Carnegie" for giving $100 million in cash and software to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America to help "bridge the digital divide."

Gates, the co-founder and chairman of Microsoft, said his company's donation -- $12 million in cash and $88 million in software in the next five years -- will help bring access to computers to more than 3 million children in the nation via the Boys and Girls Clubs.

"Bill Gates is being a modern-day Andrew Carnegie," said Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., at an event Monday to announce the donation.

Hmmmm...Bill Gates is altruistic? Ummmm...since when? Are they sure there isn't some alterior motives there someplace? And if there aren't...can I invent some anyway? But I'm sure there must be some of those in there Someplace. Do you think this is long enough for 3 entries worth of rant yet? (no. (I didn't think so, but thank you for confirming it.(you are very welcome.) So to continue...well, actually, I think we'll go to the request portion of our program now.

The Request Portion of Our Program(or as I call it, TRPOP for long):

I will be going on vacation around the 22ndish of this month. Since I won't really have access to the computer for roughly a month, and since I know how much my voyeurs love and depend upon my ranting and wisdom (plus they can't help it, they're addicted), I have decided to ask for audience participation while I am on vacation. I would like some people to volunteer to write diary entries while I'm away. It is not necessary to post something every day, or even for one person to write only. You can collaborate for all I care. It doesn't even matter if you don't want to write like I do, it's not necessary or required. In fact, the more different the writing styles, the happier I'll be. All I require is that you not alter anything in my page setup or that you change or delete any of the other entries...and that you sign a name of some sort at the end...whether real or fictional doesn't matter. Anyone interested, please indicate so either through e-mail or on the message board. This would be much appreciated, thank you. And it'll help me enjoy my vacation, as well as giving some of my viewers a chance to rant on their own, or express something which bothers them, or just to recount their day or an experience. Anything is welcome.

Oooooooohhh...Song of the Day: "Proud Mary" by CCR, or the Tina Turner version if you prefer, I don't care...but the CCR version is on the internet radio now, so it's the song of the day.

P.S. At the chime, the time will be 4:28 am................................*chime*

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