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Candles, Songs, and Who knows what else?

December 3rd/4th, 2000 - 11:45 pm

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Okay, so it's 11:45 pm now of December 3rd, but I'll finish writing this and post it sometime during the wee hours of the 4th, so I don't have to worry about an entry for December 4th, which is good, since I'm busy and occasionally I have a life, even if my life happens to suck at the time.

He got feet down below his knees....come together, right now...over me. He say one and one and one is three...got to be good looking, cause he's so hard to see. Come together, right now, over me. Trees....swaying in the summer breeze...as we walked by....gazing at the distant lights, in the summer sky. They say that all good things must end someday...autumn leaves must fall. But don't you know, that is hurts me so, to say goodbye to yoooouuu...

On a side note, it really sucks to try and type lyrics quickly and accurately when the left mouse button is stuck and has a tendency to activate itself at random, and either brings the blinking cursor thing to where the mouse is or highlights things at random, and it's not easy to get it to stop either. In fact, it's next to impossible and driving me nuts, so I guess I won't be typing any more songs, although there's a pretty good one on right now. But it's difficult enough to type normal things that just come out of my head, and I don't need any more stress right now, so we'll just leave it alone. Ooooooohhh..."Bad Moon Rising" by CCR is on right now. Good song. We might as well make that the informal song of the day. Who knows if there will be a formal song of the day today. I don't even know at this point. And if I don't know, it's a certainty that you don't either. Grrrrrrr....this is driving me nuts, so this is going to be a short entry tonight. Too bad it has to do for 2 days hmm?

A friend of mine, after reading the shampoo entry, no, I'm not going to link to it, I don't want to, and I'm feeling lazy, but it was yesterday's entry, go look at it if you don't remember what it was...anyway, after reading that entry, she wanted to know why candle colors have to match their scents, and now I wonder the same thing. I mean, if you think about it....rose candles are pale pink, peach candles are kind of peach colored, vanilla and jasmine candles are white...when I think about it, it really does begin to irritate. For instance...I like the smell of jasmine, but I don't like white candles, so that makes me hesitant to buy jasmine-scented candles. I imagine this must be true for other things as well. I also love the smell of rose-scented candles, but they all come in pale pink, a color I despise in general. This is also rather biased, since roses come in a variety of colors...so why choose just pale pink? Not even the majority of roses are pale pink...that just seems like an odd choice of colors if you're supposed to fit the scent to the color....I guess they thought red was too "racy"? Maybe they thought red applied to too many colors, so the ones that could be multiple colors got some weird color instead of the color they're most commonly associated with? I don't know...if anyone has any possible theories about this, conspiratorial or otherwise, I'd be interested in reading them...just e-mail me via the "Contact Me" button on the left or stick it as a post to the message board below. That'd be great, thanks! (And here I am, talking to an audience that can't talk back...oops, insane asylum anyone?)

The song of the day, or not really...how about the most hated group of the day, is The Backstreet Boys. If you want to listen to a parody of one of their songs, you can go here. There is another one at Shockwave.com too, but I don't feel like going to look that up, etc., etc., so you'll just have to go look for it if you really detest them that much. The song's not that bad actually. And just as another side note, how come no one parodies Britney Spears? One would think that if the feel obliged to parody those morons, they'd give equal treatment to Britney and her irritating voice. They don't however...why is that? Is she somehow more respected or something? Is this another conspiracy? Will The Young & The Restless be plunged into oblivion? Will Victor remarry Nicki yet again? Tune in some other day, at some other time, on this same "channel" to find out. P.S. At the chime, the time will now be 1:55 am....*chime*

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