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Shampoo and Politics (No, they're not connected)

December 2nd, 2000 - 11:25 pm (Currently)

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Yes, right now it's 11:25ish in the evening of December 2nd. It'll probably be December 3rd by the time I get done writing, but I started on the 2nd, so technically I did an entry for then. And besides, you got two on December 1st, so quit being so damn greedy!

I'm fairly sure I had two things I wanted to talk about, but now I can only remember one. Oh well, that's better than I normally manage. Normally I forget them all and don't remember any of them. Okay, so this is what I was wondering earlier....how come you can find shampoo and conditioners in all colors of the rainbow, but if you buy shampoo plus conditioner in one bottle, it's always a pale greenish color? I mean, why does it need to be that color? Is this some legacy from Pert Plus or something, who decided that all their shampoos/conditioners/combination of shampoo & conditioners had to be green...and so everyone else just decided to make it green like a flock of little sheep or something? Maybe I'm wrong and not all combination shampoo/conditioner things are pale green in color. Does anyone know of one? I really am curious if there is one that isn't that green color. Why is it that green color anyway? (Uh-oh...I'm repeating myself, better stop that)(why? it's not like you haven't done that before!)(True, alright, so I won't stop repeating myself, I'll just try to not repeat myself more than twice.)(good deal...continue with the ridiculous babbling)(Thank you, I intended to without your permission, but it was nice to have it anyway.)

I think I may have exhausted the debate about why are shampoo plus conditioners green (How does one have a debate without any feedback anyway?)(one doesn't, that's the point. or one has various voices in their head that do the other half of the debating for one. also, one could have a message board specifically for that reason, but no one ever uses it, so that option doesn't really work)(I know, no one ever uses my message board...I feel so neglected.)(maybe they don't notice that it's just above that banner at the bottom in the middle?)(I guess that's possible...I'll have to see what I can do to make it bigger.)(good deal...now on with the rant yet again, if you please.)

I remembered why I'd kept that news thing in my e-mail (Aren't you so pleased with me?) There was this song parody of "The Battle Of New Orleans" (Which I actually know the words to and have heard before, even though that song is in all probability older than I am, and like. I might as well put the words to the parody here, now entitled "The Battle of Florida"(of course...what else are you going to parody these days?), since there was a link in the article, but I couldn't get it to work...damn faulty links.

The parody is bi-partisan -- it makes fun of both sides.

Lyrics to The Battle of Florida:

"In the year 2000 we took a little trip

"The whole darn country down to Florida's tip

"The Governor, the VP, and a whole month spent

"In a tied-up election for the U.S. President."


"Well, we voted our votes and they began a-countin'

"There's 'bout a hundred more than there was an hour ago

"Then they counted dimpled chads, there's another two-thousand

"Down in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico."

"Well Katherine Harris was the Secretary of State

"And her policy helped Dubya 'til the courts said, 'Wait!'

"And Al Gore said, 'Since the margin's so thin

"If the numbers continue, keep recountin' 'til I win!'"


"And we ran through the chads and re-ran through the ballots

"And we ran to our TVs just to watch the whole show

"Ran to so many courts, newshounds couldn't catch up

"Down in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico

(with counterpoint to "Battle Hymn of the Republic:)

"Oh, say, can you see, does someone finally win?

"We so patiently wait, could the vote, please, be over?"

(c) 2000 Broken Records & Marjorie Music Publ. (BMI)

"The Battle of New Orleans" was a hit for Johnny Horton back in the 1950s. Kerr's other parodies include: "Y2K," "O.J.-oh" and "The 12 Days of Clinton."

Okay, so it's not like you needed yet Another reminder of an election that has gone on for far too long. The best suggestion I've ever heard for what to do with this election was the one where we scrap the whole thing and start over with better candidates. I'd be quite happy if the next candidates had nothing to do with either Bush or Gore...since I pretty much despise them both. And why won't Buchanan give up? Hasn't he ran for President enough yet? Can we just set a limit or something? Nader could run again, at least he made sense, I think anyway. I didn't really pay attention to any of them, I just know that I didn't like Bush, Buchanan, or Gore. Alright, enough of this. It's now almost 1 am on December 3rd (told you I wasn't going to finish it before the 2nd was over with...oh well.)

Hmmmmmm....sort of Song of the Day: "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen...or actually, just about anything by Queen will do.

Another Song of the Day(because it might be time to get into the Christmas spirit): Handel's Messiah by gee, if you can't guess you're a big twit.

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