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News, News, and Religion?

November 30th, 2000 - 4:45 in the am

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Hmmmm...due to news content, I actually have things to say for once! Isn't that amazing? Aren't you just hating it that you're not going to get your normal dose of ranting, rambling, and ridiculous raving? (ooh, more alliteration!) Hmmm..might as well start at the beginning...I got something that said the referral for this aol user was: This thing which is really bizarre, and I don't understand how they managed to do that, but okay, whatever...moving on. And now, the news:

Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly plans to run for governor of California.

The big guy is quoted in the Times of London as saying he will announce his candidacy "when the time is right." He been asked often about running for office, but has always said he was not interested. His "Predator" co-star, Jesse Ventura, made the jump from show business to electoral politics and is now governor of Minnesota.

Arnold's newest picture, "The 6th Day," is not doing so well at the U.S. box office. It took in just $10.2 million during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and has grossed just $25.2 million in two weeks in release.

Box-office analysts project "The 6th Day" will top out at around $40 million in the United States -- a little less than half of its reported cost of $82 million.

Awwwwwww...poor, poor Arnie. His movie isn't doing so well....muwahahahaha. I guess taking out some of the violence made it unattractive to viewers...that and maybe the fact that it looks like a cheap rip off of that one he did years ago...Total Recall, only without the interesting trip to Mars. Damn cloning. He's done too many stupid cloning movies. Oh wait, what am I talking about...he's Arnold...nothing he does is Ever Stupid(Insert VERY heavy Sarcasm here). Anyway, why shouldn't California have Arnold for a Governor? Maybe he could institute mandatory Austrian accents into every film...that ought to make things interesting (or so dull everyone will begin to watch foreign films that don't make any sense(like just about every French film ever made)).

Also, other news:

This sounded really interesting... How Bill Gates Could Save the World I highly recommend you go read this. It's completely improbable, b/c they'd never do it...but it would be very, very cool if they would. I doubt Bill Gates will ever even read that article though. His gang of nerdy spies/goons from his empire might, but they'd Never mention it, since it'd actually do some good. And of course, we can't have anything like that, can we?

Have I ever mentioned how much I Despise the GAP and their lousy commercials that manage to ruin good songs for all eternity by associating said songs with their stupid commercials and even stupider clothing? No? Well...let me tell you...On second thought, I'd better save that for later. I saw something about becoming a "certified" Reverand for $19.95 on someone's diary tonight...I'll rant about that some other time too.

Song Snippet of the Day (What is this and who sings it?):Turn around...every now and then I get a little bit nervous. Turn around...right on, every now and then I fall apart...every now and then I fall apart. Turn around...every now and then I get a little bit helpless and lay like a child in your arms.

I haven't heard the above song in a long time. It was really cool...I like this song!

Hmmmm...Bonus Song of the Day?: "Nightshift" by the Commodores...b/c it's on this radio right now. I hadn't realized they were still around and singing in the 80s, much less actually having songs that were popular. Maybe this is just another example of radio stations mislabeling songs and placing songs that don't belong into their playlist? I mean, look at Eddie Murphy and his "Booty in your Butt" being placed in the 80's Pop Hits category...come on, how could that have Possibly been a HIT?!?!

Oh, and I heard this while I was looking at things and decided to add it anyway...bonus song Snippet of the day (same deal...what is this and who sings it?): It's the heart, that's afraid of breaking...that never learns to dance. It's the dream, afraid of waking...that never takes the chance. It's the one who won't be taken....and the soul, afraid of dieing, that never learns to live...

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