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Television Remarks and Vacation

November 25th, 2000 - 9:30 am!!!!!!

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Hmmmm...I have just seen/learned(or already knew, but needed to repeat) some interesting things. Perhaps I'll list them now...

1. Vacations rock beyond belief. It's so nice to be able to sleep for long periods of time and watch mindless television whenever you wish. And it's very quiet. Not an ideal for a vacation by the standards of others, but very nice to just be able to relax for a bit.

Television Remarks:

2. I saw many bizarre things on Television that took me back to the days of yore. And I've been reminded of how very much the Odessy channel scares me. The only things worse are things like the Trinity channel and home shopping network channels. Sports channels don't really scare me, they just irritate me beyond measure. The Home Shopping Networks come in as a combination of fear/irritation...I'm not entirely sure which aspect weighs more heavily out of those two...but I think right now I'm leaning towards the irritation factor.

3. Daria really is quite amusing. I'd forgotten that. I so rarely see that show anymore that I'd forgotten that I quite enjoy Daria's dry humor. I have no idea why I'm awake this early in the morning...probably b/c I haven't been to bed yet...which I will have to remedy after I finish writing this (good incentive to not babble so much today, isn't it?)

4. While I was watching Daria, or during the commercials between portions of the show rather (there were quite a few of them since for some reason, this episode of Daria was about 2 hours long), I managed to catch snippets of Fraggle Rock, The Muppets Show, and Alf of all things. It was some weird medley of puppet figures from a long time ago apparently. Like I said, Odessy scares me. Fraggle Rock really was some cool shit though. They even sang...a lot. The Muppets Show was kind of irritating. Everytime I flipped there they had some guy from the 70's in a tacky polyester suit singing. Alf was such a cool show. Why did that show ever leave? I don't even remember the last episode of that show...and how come Alf doesn't get years upon years of reruns? I mean, complete and utter crap like The Brady Bunch and Dallas have been rerun for probably more than a decade now, but stuff that I actually like doesn't have the oportunity to be watched incessantly. Nooooo...I have to be subjected to years of idiotic shows I despise like The Partridge Family and Bonanza instead.

5. Also, at some point last night I saw Life is Beautiful, Me, Myself, and Irene, and X-men. Not in that order though. The Italian film was great...really sad though. As for the second movie, it's very typical of the Farrelly(or however you spell that name) Brothers and Jim Carrey. You know, lots of physical comedy, profanity, and jokes that focus on the physical. It was alright for mindlessness I guess, but not very thought-provoking. As for X-Men...it was...interesting. I guess it was alright for a movie based from a comic book and a cartoon series.

6. Before I forget, one of my voyeurs (they didn't stay long), came from google...they searched for "origin of the smurfs" and the only thing google could come up with was This entry from awhile ago when I went and ranted about cartoons for awhile. If you haven't read it, go click on the link and read it. It was rather entertaining. One of the better ones I think. Or even if you have, go back and read it again...it can't hurt anything.

5(continued). So X-Men was alright from some point of view. I hear that the Sci-fi channel is going to put on some series or mini-series of Dune. I sincerely doubt I'll watch that. I hate the movie with a passion. Stupid thing is horrendously long...and it takes forever for anything to happen, and you can't even understand the whole movie anyway. Not only is the movie long and for all intents and purposes impossible to understand, but it's based on a book. And it's not only a book, but the first in a series of books, which means there are some things they cut out for the movie, and there are some things that are supposed to be explained in later books that are left in for the movie for no apparent reason. Almost every time anyone tries to make a movie out of a book, the book is a thousand times better. Anyway, I don't really want to babble anymore, and it's too early(late) for me anyway and I need to sleep now...Bubbles!(Damn copyright infringement...All words are used strictly for entertainment purposes without the permission of anyone, and if you don't like it you can just shove it where the sun don't shine!)

Song of the Day: Ha! I tricked you. There isn't really a song of the day b/c I haven't heard anything interesting lately that I wanted to stick up here and I didn't want to bother with thinking up a song that I like that I haven't already put into this diary at some point so there isn't one. Although, isn't there some song called "Vacation"? By the Go-Go's, I think? That seems as suitable as anything else I suppose...let's just go with that. Oh yeah, I heard a lot of old R&B songs on this infomercial for some Time Life series last night at some point. Those were good songs...too bad I can't remember any of them now.

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