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Advertising, Thanksgiving, and Yet More Song Thingys (Getting tired of those yet?)

November 24th, 2000 - 4:15 am...give or take

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So I skipped a day....sue me. I really did mean to update yesterday, but I got really, really busy, and I took a two-hour nap, plus I did something really dumb and went grocery shopping on the day before Thanksgiving and went at 10 pm at night. Boy was that an experience. Didn't come home until 12:15 in the morning...so 2 hours and 15 minutes at the grocery store. The lines were just ridiculous. I swear, they must put tempting junk food in front of the registers just for when there's long lines so people have to stare at tantalizing things for long periods of time and then eventually give in to temptation and buy something(s) from there. Grocery stores are just evil that way. Never, Ever go grocery shopping when you're hungry. All-around BAD idea. Worse, don't go shopping with other people who are hungry when you're not. You spend a lot more time in the grocery store than you need to, waiting for the other people to pick up what seems like 1/3 of the store in groceries.

Okay, too recap: Was going to post yesterday, but didn't have the time between errands, nap, talking to a friend for awhile, and grocery shopping. But what about after that? Well, after that(I'm sure you REALLY want to hear ALL about this...it's oh-so fascinating after all, reading everything I did yesterday that prevented me from updating, but that's just too damn bad. You Will be subjected to it anyway and if you don't like it well then you can just quit reading it!) I watched most of "The Full Monty" and all of "But I'm A Cheerleader," and then came back to my room, read a bit, and went to sleep around 6 amish. So no chance to update there..."The Full Monty" was rather amusing, and "But I'm a Cheerleader" was surprisingly good. Oh, I kinda liked it when I put the little wallpaper thing in, so you should look at this wallpaper too, even if it isn't the one on my desktop, I still liked it anyway, which means you should look at it. In the end however, even though I liked it, I decided it was just too bright for me. I like the gravity well one from the previous entry much better.

After Eight thin mints are pretty good. Just a rather random observation.

Thanksgiving was actually a fairly decent day. The food was fairly icky, but the rest was alright. I don't think I've ever had a 6 hour conversation before. At least I didn't have to pay attention to sports and football. I had something else I was going to say, but as is very very typical of me...I forgot what it was. Oh yeah, I actually remembered!!!

How come the day after Thanksgiving is the "biggest Christmas shopping day of the year"? Why do people continue to go Christmast shopping that day if everyone KNOWS that the lines are horrible, crowds are huge, etc.? Does anyone have any idea? And what's the biggest shopping day for things like grocery stores and things like internet stores? Do they even have one? How come those aren't advertised to death? Oh, and speaking of advertising, when I was watching Buffy and Angel a few days ago...yes, I know, almost ages ago...I saw a commercial for "Dungeons & Dragons." Apparently, they decided to make yet another movie from a cartoon, game, or series. And they got Keanu Reeves to star in it. Oh joy. Who else doesn't really want to see a yet another movie with a dumb Hollywood whore? That's what I thought. Anyway, that's it, I don't want to write any more of this. Till next rant...

Song Snippet of the Day(I actually know what this song is, and who sings it, but I want to make it a snippet damnit!): Somebody once told me, the world is gonna roll me, I ain't the sharpest tool in the shed...didn't make sense not to live for fun, your brain gets smart but your brain gets dumb..It's a cool place and they say it gets colder...my world's on fire, how about yours? That's the way I like it and I'll never get bored.

Another song snippet: They say I'm crazy, but I have a good time...They say I'm crazy, but it takes all my time. I keep on going, yes I never know why.(I'm not putting any of the rest of this song here...I just like that line. And besides, this song's been in the snippets before....Damn Repeats.)

Yet another Song Snippet: Go on and close the curtains...cause all we need is candlelight. You and me and a bottle of wine...well we know, I'm going away. And how I wish, I wish it was...so take this wine, and drink with me...let's delay our misery. Save tonight, and fight the break of dawn, come tomorrow, tomorrow I'll be gone.

Bonus Song of the Day: Walking on the Sun by Smashmouth b/c I'm just on one of those themes tonight.

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