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Spy Devices and Mmmm...huh?

November 20th, 2000 - 2:55 am

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I forget, what was I going to talk about? Oh, who cares anyway...I'll just ramble and rant like I always do and not worry about it. Why are there so many damn states that start with M? Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Montana, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, and Mass(I know, I spelled all the other ones out but abbreviated this one. Well that's because I can't remember how to spell this name right, and neither can the majority of the rest of the US population...let alone the world. So there's like what..8 states that start with M? Why?!?! Why don't we get rid of one of the M's...or even like half of the M states, that'd be even better...and rename them with little-used first letters instead? Get a state that starts with Q for once...and maybe a Z and an E...oh! and one that starts with an X just for kicks. Let's rename Montana Xanadu, just for irony... We could rename Mississippi Entelligence. Go with Zowie for Minnesota and maybe Queue for the state that starts with an M that no one can spell anyway. Might as well make it easier to spell, shorter, and just as bizarre all at once. All the M states are kinda screwy? Has anyone ever noticed this? Montana's got those scary people with guns; Minnesota's got Jesse Ventura(How'd he get elected anyway?); Missouri just elected a dead guy(ditto...how bad do the choices have to be to elect a dead guy anyway?); Mass has the unpronouncable and difficult to spell name; Michigan's cold and has that weird shape; Mississippi seems to be home to an unending source of morons, bigots, and racists; Maine pronounces names funny...e.g. Calais(which isn't pronounced like the French city as it should be); and then there's Maryland. I can't think of anything that's screwy with Maryland, but based on all the other evidence, there must be Something.

I was looking at my referrals on my spy device tonight, and have noticed some disturbing things. There was one referral from Brad Pitt's spy device, which is rather puzzling, b/c who would want to go looking through his spy device to find another diary that had linked him and then go read it. The other one is even more mysterious. It was a hit from Google Yahoo Singapore of all places. Someone searched for the word "mistress" and ended up with my diary and 279 other webpages. First of all, I have never put my diary ON Google in any way, shape, or form, so there's no reason why my diary should be an option there anyway...I'm not a big whore like Chadei aka Some People, Person!, Chad, and a bunch of other names I don't really feel like listing because it would just take Waaaaay too long is. And there are other reasons why this upsets me as well...but I don't wish to discuss it so I won't(I get to do that b/c it's my diary damnit!).

The other referral that amused me/annoyed me was someone who found my diary through the analyzer thing. I could link to that, but I don't really want to. (I didn't say I wasn't a whore, not not as big of a one as HE is). Someone said they hated my balls...that should make Some People happy. But they're still not going anywhere. I happen to like them damnit! There might have been more I wanted to ramble about but I don't remember what it was and it can't have been THAT important. Few things are in this diary...and I can always add it later if I feel so inclined. Anyway, that's it for me....Ciao bella!

Song Snippet of the Day(I didn't feel like figuring out who sings this): Take me home tonight...I don't want to let you go till you see the light. Take me home tonight...listen honey, just like said: "Be my little Baby...baby my darling...oh oh oh oh.." I feel the hunger, it's a hunger. Take me home tonight...I don't want to let you go till you see the light. Take me home tonight...

Bonus Song Snippet: If you're down, and confused. And you don't remember, who you're talking to. Concentration....slipped away, cause your baby is so far away. And there's a rose in the distant light and the eagle flies with dove...and if you can't be with the one you love, honey love the one you're with, love the one you're with.

Bonus Song: Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane.

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