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Evil Plots and Much Musicality

November 19th, 2000 - 4 am...or something

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So I was fiddling with my older achives...which is why if someone went to my page they got a very very short entry which said "Testing...to be deleted later." If you didn't see it, well, you obviously weren't missing much so it's not like it made a difference. Anyway...I said that maybe I'd tell you about my evil musical plot and the plot of the elderly.(Yes, I am just repeating it so it's up here for reference when I get around to actually talking about these things. No, it won't be deleted later just before I post this.) Anyway, Steph Finally got around to updating, which I was quite pleased with. She even whored me a few times, except she didn't really whore me b/c she was too lazy to include the link, something as you can see that I'm not too lazy to do. And Steph? I'm quite fond of Rock-a-bye myself, although I may or may not have heard Shimmer...you know how I get with band names/titles. I just realized that Steph has whored my diary three times now and no one ever goes from her diary to mine. This is very very displeasing. Everytime I whore someone, people end up going from my diary to theirs, but whenever someone whores me, no matter how many times they do so or how long that particular entry is in front, Still no one visits. *sigh* Damn you fickle voyeurs!

Oh yes, the plot of the old people. The old people have contrived some plot or other, but I really should've written it down b/c now I don't remember exactly what that plot Was anymore(maybe they're trying to make me go prematurely senile?). Maybe there was something about making Florida the center of the world or something...I don't know. I thought about just completely making a plot up about how the old people wanted to take over the world by subjecting us to things like Sunday Drivers, Saturday at the grocery store, and old people story time...where young people are subjected to boring, exaggerated stories of what things were like when "They"(they being the old person or people speaking) were their age. Okay, whatever I wanted to add to this (Somehow I doubt there was much, besides the whole evil music plot, which can wait until another day), will be done in a different entry later. What entry, I don't know...but if I forget, I trust that you, my voyeurs, who never say anything even when I command you to, will remind me...b/c after all, who Wouldn't want to know about my evil music plot?

I fight authority, authority always wins. I've been doing it since I was a young kid and.... Trying to get up that great big hill of hope, for a destination. I realized quickly when I knew I should, that the world was made up of this brotherhood of man...or whatever that means. Don't, don't break the spell...it'll be different and you know it will. Oooooohhh, you make loving fun. And I don't have to tell you but you're the only one. Yoooooooouuuu...you make loving fun. Heaven knows it wasn't you who set me free. So often times it happens, that we live our lives in chains, and we never know that we already have the key. We are allllllready gone...and we are feeeee-eeling strong. I will Siiiiing this victory song, cause we're alllllllready gone. Hush, hush, keep it down now, voices carry. Hush, hush, keep it down now, voices carry. Ah-oh. I tried so hard not to get upset. Cause I know all the trouble I'll get. Others tell me tears are something to hide and something to...and I try so hard to keep it inside, so no one cares... She's married now or engaged or something so I am told. Is she really going out with him? Is she really going to take him home tonight? Is she really going out with him? Cause if my eyes don't deceive me there's something going on around here. I get a little bit closer, to feeling fine. I've been swimming in a sea of anarchy...I've been wondering if everything I see have been really happening. Every day is a winding road. I get a little bit closer. Every day is a faded sign...I get a little bit closer. I want something else...to get me through this, semi-charmed kind of life. Baby, baby...I want something else. I'm not listening when you say...goodbye. I believe in the sand beneath my toes. He takes a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a larger drink, he drinks a cider drink. Bed of nails, she makes me wait. And I wait without you..with or without you. With or with out you... And I wait for you...with or without you...with or without you. I can't live...with or without you.

Oh yeah, song of the day: One Headlight by The Wallflowers. And the bonus song of the day is....(I'm thinking, I'm thinking...I'll tell you later): "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by whoever that was.

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