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Buffy & Angel And Something Else

November 15th, 2000 - 2:45 am

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Okay, as a precursor to these next few entries I have to say that I'm going to be fairly busy for the rest of this week or so, and will be using up my store of creativity elsewhere, so if the rest of this week isn't quite as amusing as normal then that's why. As for when I'll be back to my normal, cheerful, upbeat self who never has a mean or sarcastic word to say...the answer to that is just about the next of never. That person(assuming they ever existed) got killed by an unhappy mob a while ago. So you'll just have to deal with me. Poor you. Anyway...

I watched Buffy & Angel tonight. My TV viewing wasn't interrupted by German movie people or election-watchers, so I got to see everything...and boy am I disappointed. What kind of a cross-over was that? No one actually went from Sunnydale to L.A. and/or vice versa. The only thing that was the same was those stupid memory flashbacks, only one was from Spike's point of view and the other from Angel's. That was just pathetic. I didn't like where they went with Darla in the end of Angel, although I was kind of expecting Wolfram & Hart to just change her back into a vampire for some reason...I don't know why. It just seems logical to me. Spike got shot down...that was amusing. And when he went to go kill her and ended up comforting her instead was funny too...but just b/c it was kind of bizarre, not b/c it was actually funny. I thought vampires were mean, cruel, heartless, etc? How come Spike all the sudden has feelings and regrets? I mean, it's cool his character finally isn't shallower than a sorority girl, but there isn't really any explanation as to why he suddenly has these things. Another one of those...throw something interesting in here, we'll explain it later things I guess. I'm really beginning to hate those. They've thrown too many of those into this season already. And what's up with Buffy's Mom? Suddenly she has some terrible tumor or something? Did we Need to be all over-the-top with problems this season? Is the WB going for an Emmy or something for best evening drama? Anyway, basically the cross-over thing was a huge disappointment and I wonder why they had the gall to call it a special 2-hour cross-over event when nothing really crossed-over and there was just one or two pathetic links between the shows that don't really count as a "cross-over". Next week's Angel looks interesting though...too bad the German people rescheduled for next week, I was looking forward to that. I'm feeling rather lackluster and depressed, but I don't really want to share, nor do I feel particularly amusing at the moment so I believe I'll just end this here.

*Gasp!* Not Another Short entry!! Whatever will the mob think?(((Who cares? They never answer my questions anyway, why should I be bothered to entertain them all the time?)(oh yeah...good point, stop talking then)(I would if you'd shutup!)(okay, okay, I'm shutting.)))

Song of the Day: "Dreamweaver" by ...um, I don't know? And Bonus Song of the Day: "Time of your Life" by Green Day. Okay, so I might not've gotten the author right(or at all) for the first song, and the title might not be exact for the second, but together they make one whole song! But I wouldn't suggest going to look for Dreamweaver by Greenday, b/c I don't think it exists.

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