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Does anyone have anything that'll speed up Scandisk?

November 13th, 2000 - 2:25 in the am

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Song of the Day: "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell. Bonus Song of the Day: "Kryptonite" by Three Doors Down.

Maybe if I do these things at the beginning I won't forget them by the time I'm ready to do the songs...or I could just put them at the end and then write them down as I think of them. I might do that next time...but this time the songs of the "day" are going first...just because I want them there damnit! I wonder if there will be a point where I'll start repeating songs just because I can't remember what I've already done and don't feel like going through weeks of songs just to make sure I haven't done them once before already. I'm guessing there probably will be....oh well, chances are, by that time, my esteemed readers won't remember that this is the second time I've done it either. And if they do, well, then I must Really like that song, to mention it twice...or it fits a mood really well and hence has been repeated. And if you don't like it...then I get out the whip and the zombie balls and you WILL like it!

I've come to the conclusion that CVS is evil. Not only do they sell thin mints, which I am now addicted to, they also do horrible things like put more expensive chocolates drastically on sale...$2 off a Whitman's Sampler, $3.95 instead of $7.95 for a box of "Hershey's Pot of Gold," and other such diabolical things, which forces you to either buy their candy or feel horribly guilty for not taking advantage of their "great" deal. Which reminds me. The reason as to why "day" is in quotes previously is because it's not really the song of the day. It's certainly the song of this entry, but not the song of the day, b/c with my next entry there'll be a new song of the day...and it doesn't matter if my next entry is at 6 pm tonight or at 3 am Nov. 14. In fact, if I did another entry in an hour (highly unlikely, I know, but just use your imagination here people!), there'd probably be more songs of the "day" contained within the entry...even though it's still Nov. 13.

What else did I want to talk about? Anyone know? Comments from the peanut gallery and the rabble? I didn't think anyone else knew either. Oh well, moving on...

Windows pisses me off. Microsoft pisses me off. Bill Gates is the closest thing to the Anti-Christ living(okay, maybe that's going just a Tad too far...Nahhhhh (but won't his Secret Service aka goon squad aka Nerds on Steroids see this and come after you and kill you now?)(Oh yeah...good point. I was just kidding...Bill Gates is a wonderful man who has only the best in mind for the world, especially after he rules it and can force everyone to wear little pocket protectors for their own safety.))) Okay, now where was I before I went off on a tangent? (Tangents are fun! We should go off on those more often!(I agree...you first)) Oh yeah, what I was working up to was: I hate SCANDISK. I mean...they give you the tools to clean some of the junk off of your computer so that it works marginally better, and then said tools either don't work or take 20 million years to run through!!!! Disk Cleanup isn't that bad, although it normally doesn't respond and I have to shut it off the first time I run it EVERY time I try to run it...so it only takes starting it 2 or 3 times before that finishes without freezing. Defrag used to be a bitch to run...it'd restart like 70 trillion times...just about everytime it got through 1 percent of the drive, it'd restart b/c the drive's contents had changed...give me a break here! But then I found this wonderful thing called PowerDefrag that basically takes control of the defrag process so that I don't have to worry about it, and it keeps defrag from restarting after every 1% changes so that it only takes like 1/2 an hour or so now instead of the 1/2 a DAY that it used to. So now Scandisk pisses me off...it never even gets anyplace close to finishing...or even starting. It just restarts itself all the time, gets through ten of those little box thingys, which doesn't even get it close to scanning the clusters it needs to, and then restarts. And then this process gets repeated until I get disgusted with the whole thing and just hit the cancel button. So I guess the question is...Does anyone have something that speeds up Scandisk? Or an alternate to Scandisk that does the same thing but works better?

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