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More Elections & Brainwashing Boy Bands

November 9th, 2000 -

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I suppose I should do an entry before the 9th is over, just so I can SAY I did an entry for Nov. 9th, and so that my loyal voyeurs don't badger me for not writing something for a day. So sue me...I was busy. It happens sometimes. I could give lots of improbable scenarios as to why I didn't do this in the wee hours of the morning last night(yes, that does sound contradictory, doesn't it? Do I care? Of course not!), but I already did that once. And I don't particularly want to do it again. Okay, I've now done the songs of the day, glad I actually remembered them. I guess I remember the important stuff when I have to. Do I really want to blather on about the elections some more? Why not? Every one else seems perfectly content to babble on incessantly about the elections and how close they are and blah blah blah...(zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....*poke!* Wha..? Huh? I'm awake!) Personally, I hate Bush, who's worse than Quayle ever was, and he was only VP...but I don't like any of the others much better either. What do you do when you're trying to pick the one you hate the least instead of the one you think will do the best job or whatever? Not that this was really something I worried about a lot, since I didn't even bother to vote. But now I guess they're babbling about how it'll be a week or some such nonsense before they decide. Yet somehow I'm still wondering how Bush got so many votes in the first place? Anyway...on to other news. A dead guy won the race in someplace backward like Missouri...apparently the laws prevented them from taking his name off the ballot so close to the election, and the dead guy beat the incumbent...I think it might be the funniest thing I've heard in awhile. Kind of reminiscent of "A Distinguished Gentleman," isn't it? You know, the Eddy Murphy movie where he got elected by having the same name as the dead guy who was holding office? I still think it's funny. Apparently they're going to send the dead guy's widow to Congress instead. Good deal...more women in politics.

And in other, more depressing news...Britney Spears, the blond twit with the fake boobs who is a pop-icon for teenage males everywhere, and yet manages to depress or outrage every female living due to her propogating the traditional stereotypes of women and playing to them for money so she can personally set back women's lib a few months at least...anyway, Britney Spears and her mother, Lynne Spears are supposedly planning to co-write a Mother's Day parable to be published in May 2001. Has society hit rock bottom yet? When someone as completely moronic and vapid as Britney Spears could actually WRITE for one, and even more than that...could write something people would actually READ....I mean, what happened there? Since when do people like Britney Spears write things and expect them to get published anyway? I thought the publishing industry was actually supposed to have Standards?!?! Oh well, yet another illusion destroyed by pop teen culture.

And on a related topic: Boy Bands Suck! Why is there this sudden return of lousy boy bands anyway? In the 80's there were The New Kids on the Block and Menudo and whatever those other ones were...and then 10 or 15 years later, there's The Back Street Boys, N'Sync, and Five(or whatever the other ones were). How come there aren't any black(or African-American, or whatever name you want to attach to that group of people...just Americans with a darker skin tone, whatever works) guys in the boy bands? There could be a lot of possibilities, including a racist producer/record company/American public/(insert likely thing here), but I'm going with the one I prefer, which is that black guys have more sense than to want to join a band of white boys who can't dance and can't sing and can't act, and can't...well, you get the idea. And Hanson was just scary....I mean, who DIDN'T think they were girls at first? And their damn songs drove me up the wall. I'd like to Mmm-Bop them in the head so they forget how to sing, and I'm not subjected to their damn crappy music anymore. Although Hanson, while creepy and oddly feminine, wasn't as much of a problem as N'bsb(they're interchangeable, and I can't always tell who sings what...so they're now n'bsb) and Britney Spears. After all, Hanson was basically a one-hit-wonder(Thank God for small favors),I spent an entire summer subjected to both of them at least once a day every day. I even knew the WORDS!! Damn subtle brainwashing of songs by excessive playing. The same thing has happened with Smooth, except I actually like that song, so that's not so horrible. I wonder if it's possible to brainwash the boy bands so that they forget how to play. I don't think it'd matter...even if they couldn't play or sing a note or dance like the dying fish they do now they'd still sell records b/c of something. I just can't wait for the second round of Boy Band trash to be over with. I didn't like New Kids on the Block 10 years ago, and I don't like these now.

I suppose that should be all for now. I have to have something to talk about later after all. And How come almost no one posted suggested rant topics? I got responses from 2 people...I KNOW for a fact that there are more voyeurs than That who read my diary. I want rant subjects damnit and I want them NOW!! POST A RANT TOPIC OR I WILL GET OUT THE WHIP!!!!!

Song of the Day: "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones, b/c I liked the movie and I've been wanting to use that as song of the day for a few days now. And the Bonus song of the day is.....(drumroll please....(wait a minute, who am I talking to? I don't play the drums, nor does anyone I know, AND I don't have any drums anyway)) "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles, b/c I love that song and I played it this morning while I was doing something I didn't like.

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