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Daylight Savings Time, My Plot, and Pizza

October 29th, 2000 - 4ish in the am

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Okay, so what do I really have to say that's amusing, important, worthwhile, or noteworthy? And the answer to this question is.....


So I guess I should be all happy about how I didn't do anything productive, worthwhile, etc. today. I don't know why I should be all happy about that, but I guess I shall anyway. Or maybe I shan't. I haven't decided yet. Isn't ambivalence fun? Isn't long words spelled subtly right or wrong just as amusing? I didn't think so. Or maybe I did...who can tell for certain?

So what did I do today that is worth mentioning...oh yeah, nothing. What am I going to mention anyway? Plenty. Why? b/c I can! And there's nothing you can do to stop me...muwahahahaha!

Oh yeah, where was I? (Scrolling up to see where I was)...o kay...I know now. I was reveling in my evil plan to spout drivel tonight, just because I can and b/c I have all the power in my diary and can do what I please. {insert truly evil, diabolical laugh here} I've heard one someplace, but have no idea how to attatch it to this entry, so I shan't. I have to say I'm still all thrilled with my accomplishment of early yesterday morning. I love playing with that thing. Anyway, what else did I want to mention? Oh, okay...thanks for reminding me. I slept most of the day, that might be why nothing I did was mentionable or memorable, or any of those m words that I'm thinking of but don't want to write down. And a friend came over to talk for hours tonight. That was fun...he paid me the money he owed me, so he could've babbled on for hours about something boring like tax shelters and Neitzche and it wouldn't have mattered. And we talked, along with the other person who lives here but doesn't share my room, just portions of my living space, but still can't be considered a resident of one of the other suites in the building. And I got all hungry...(it was Steph's Ghoulie who was visiting), but didn't want to cook or do anything like leave the building, so after that other person got off the phone, I ordered pizza. I would've rather had Pizza Hut than Dominoes, but they don't deliver over here, damn them, so I had Dominoes instead which was probably much cheaper. They have bad Canadian Bacon...don't eat it. Their thin crust pizza isn't too bad...their cheesy breadsticks are okay, but Pizza Hut's are ten times better. And that's all I have to say about pizza...except Tombstone makes the best Canadian bacon pizza I've ever had thus far, except you have to cook it.

So tonight was Daylight Savings Time. I really like Daylight Savings Time, except for the fact that it has a tendancy to temporarily screw up computers/something I want to play/something else. And then the downside of April or whatever it is when you have to set your clocks ahead an hour...that just sucks. I don't like losing an hour of sleep I'm not even asleep for. And then there's the hassle of having to remember to change the clocks, and if you have a lot of clocks this could be a huge process that takes forever. Maybe it's just a conspiracy to get everyone to move to Arizona, where no one ever has to change their clocks. Hmmmmm...I'll have to think about that. Can anyone think of why this shouldn't be a huge plot to get everyone in America to move to Arizona? Share your ideas on the message board or I will track you down by your IP address and force you to share your opinions on this subject!

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