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October 27th, 2000 - 4 am +/- something

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I'm all proud of me. I'm not all proud of me because I did something wonderful or grand or notable or even important. I'm all proud of me because I figured out how to change some stuff on this page without asking anyone for any help. Sometimes fiddling can be fun. I made all these little changes. I changed the look of the Older Entries Page so it's not quite as boring now. And I changed all the alt tags so they say something interesting when you move the cursor over it instead of whatever boring thing they had it set to say. I should change the front page, but I can't really find a color scheme that satisfies me, so I guess it'll just have to be that bluish color for now. Oh yeah, and I fixed the box on the left. It used to do wierd things like you could still click on the box when it was like 3 inches away from the words. That was just irritating.

What else did I do? Nothing...but considering that I did all this by just looking at the little code and changing things here and there, I feel pretty damn proud of me. I'd change some of the word things in the boxes, but I can't do that without finding some image to replace it, or erasing boxes entirely and replacing them with something else. And I'm not quite ready to do anything that drastic yet, so we'll see. Hmmm...what else did I do today? Oh yeah, contrary to popular opinion...I'll have to come back to that, I can't get the page to work. Oh yes, time for the unscheduled interruption to rant about the oddities of the Ancient Egyptians...(is it still unscheduled and a digression if you announce it beforehand?)

Boy was Ancient Egypt wacky...and sick. Have you ever heard all of the myth of Osiris? Is it just gods in general that are so fucked-up or was this story supposed to be an accurate reflection of society and values at the time? If the first is true, it seems to be universally so, just look at the Greek/Roman gods if you don't believe me. Osiris seems to be more fucked-up than most...or maybe it was just his wife that was wacko. Isis was a sick woman...turning herself into a falcon of all things in order to fuck her dead husband's body, which had already been cut into itty-bitty pieces...not only that, but getting pregnant from it?!?! What a way to conceive! You have to feel sorry for Osiris though...after all, the one piece of his body they couldn't find was his dick...so they replaced it with a wooden one or something...appropriate I suppose. I don't know...which is preferrable? Going through the afterlife without a penis or going through afterlife with a permenantly wooden one and suffering perpetual lust? I really haven't any idea, since having never had one, I wouldn't know which way would be preferrable. But honestly...how do you manage to revere a necrophiliac nympho? I mean, how did the Ancient Egyptians deal with this? Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and ask them, but I don't speak whatever Ancient Egyptian was, so I wouldn't be able to understand them or ask them anything anyway....damnit!

(Sudden shift in topics, just for fun)

To get back to the opinion that Some people have regarding my moods...if I don't get my pasta when Other people do. Did you think I wasn't going to see that? I mean, honestly, what was the point of waiting until I finally went offline to update, just to tell the world that you had pasta for dinner, when it's not like I wasn't going to see this anyway. Goofy person...I wouldn't kill you over something so trivial...at once anyway. Maybe slowly over time. Hmmm...I'll have to think about that. Was there anything else I wanted to mention? Oh yeah, go play with Chad's Balls Hehehe...no, not Those balls, you sick-minded people!

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