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Buffy, Angel, and Stupid Twits

October 25th, 2000 - 3:15 am, or thereabouts

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Okay, so unsurprisingly, I'm procrastinating...yet again. Eventually this seems to get old, procrastinating, yet somehow I just can't seem to break the cycle. I feel the need to keep procrastinating, not indefinately, since I still get my work done, but when the next thing comes up, I feel as if I must procrastinate again. It's a very bizarre phenomenon, this need to continually procrastinate. Damn addictions/bad habits. As if I didn't have enough already, I have to go looking for more....well, only when I have something else to do instead that is, which is more procrastinating (told you it was a vicious circle.) And of course, after I finish this, I shall go look at my e-mail, as per my previous instructions. So I went and watched Buffy and Angel tonight, like I said I was going to. My two hours of frivolous tv per week. Sometimes I get more, but I try to at least get those two all the time. I also used to watch some stuff on the Sci-Fi channel, but I haven't been doing that lately. I miss Friday tv on that channel. Anyway, so back to Buffy and Angel. Angel was fairly predictable, no real surprises there...but at least it's got a fairly clear, followable plot that doesn't have a tendancy to insert things at random like Buffy does. Don't get me wrong, I occasionally like it when they throw in a surprise or two, but it's just kind of irritating to introduce a new character with zero preparation and then slowly work out their story after like a month or so. So I guess "the Beast" person is going to become the new villain after Harmony failed so spectacularly (as everyone knew she would, the twit. She couldn't be the evil villain even if she tripled her intelligence, strength, and evil quotient. She's so just there for comic relief)...what a surprise. And look how they introduced her...they sprung her on us at random. A new, tedious, trend? Perhaps. I have to say I really did like Spike the Buffy stalker. That was just hilarious. Spike? In love with Buffy?!?! Haaaaaaaaaaaaa....

(Short hiatus while author laughs hysterically at the notion of SPIKE in love with Buffy and asking her on a date, etc. It was funny enough when they were in love and getting married due to that spell, but it's even funnier when there's no spell or anything forcing his feelings for her...)

Oh yeah, I need to be irritated with a type of person, and I need to express this here for the entire world to see, because maybe you know someone like this, or maybe you Are someone like this, in which case...You know who you are and you need serious help. So I'm in the TV Lounge, peacefully absorbed in the last half hour of Angel with something to read during the commercials, (so I don't feel quite so bad about taking 2 hours out of my schedule to watch this and I can say, "Well, at least I did Something") when this stupid guy I sort of know and don't really like walks in. First, he starts asking me things like, "What are you watching, are you SURE you're Really watching this?...etc." b/c I was all firm and irritated sounding in my voice, he didn't ask if he could change the channel for once...Thank God, even though I would've told him NO...stupid twit, no one comes between me and my two hours of frivolous television. And so when I told him it'd be over in 25 minutes, he decided he'd sit down with me and wait. And then the interrogation began. Instead of just sitting down and quietly watching it until it was over, he bothered me with stupid questions non-stop for 10 minutes, before he Finally got the fucking hint (and trust me, this was so close to being blatently obvious that the word "hint" doesn't really apply) and shut up. The most irritating part is...after bothering me incessantly for 20 minutes and disturbing my peaceful watching and reading (he couldn't shut up during the commercial either) and it's almost over, he gets up and says he's changed his mind and has decided to read a book instead!!! And I"m just left wondering if he's a moron on purpose, or if he just plays one in real life...WTF did he sit and watch my show, bothering the hell out of me for, if he wasn't even going to bloody well Watch anything! Personally, I think he just wanted to watch something other than what I was watching while he was eating, and told me some bullshit story about needing to watch something to try to guilt-trip me into letting him change the channel. That might've worked if it was something else, but he made the critical error of catching me during something I wasn't willing to let go of...muwahahaha....okay, I think I've ranted about stupid twits long enough now...more on stupid twits to come I'm sure...as soon as I find another one that is. Have my sentences gotten long enough yet?? No? I didn't think so.

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