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Fan Mail, Less Randomness, and Lots of Caps

October 24th, 2000...Night 3 - 2:15 in the am(ish)

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Hmmmm...randomness was fun, but I had a nap, so now I'm not going to be quite so incomprehensible. This is entry....oh, I don't know...4 or so I suppose. For an example of me when I haven't had any sleep, see previous entry. It was great fun, but somehow I don't think it made a whole lot of sense, which in a way is a good thing, since I wasn't aiming for coherency. Hmmm...what else did I want to talk about? Damn memory lapse...I Knew that drug was a bad idea! Oh yes....VISIT THE BLOODY MESSAGE BOARD AND LEAVE A DAMN MESSAGE!

And now, a message from our non-existant sponsors. "Are you tired of random people contacting you on ICQ and propositioning you?" "NO?" "Well shoot...you wouldn't want this then...damn you!"

Hmmm...Buffy and Angel are on tomorrow night. I think I'll watch that. (As if I don't watch it every week anyway and this was a spontaneous decision?) Why do these things always take so long to write? (Because you babble on and on and on and never shut up you twit!) Oh yeah. Forgot about that...nm then. Commercials are irritating...although once in awhile, they manage to come up with something interesting. The "Make 7, Up Yours" campaign was cool. M&M's has an unusually large number of cute cartoons too. Oh yes, and now on to the important stuff(or the non-important stuff...I forget which).

I received my first piece of Gen-u-ine Fan Mail today. Considering I've only had this diary for something like 2 days, that's pretty damn amazing. For me anyway. Because I want to make this entry unnecessarily long, I shall reproduce it in its entirety. The e-mail address is not reproduced, b/c imagine the mail they'd get then! Of course, that might help them with their problem...

Voila...Fan mail R US:

"So I was goofing around with my new dirayland account. So I finished and got bored. Really bored. Really REALLY damned bored. So bored that my brains began to ooze out of my ears, causing me to start looking through the diary people directory thing. I clicked some interesting names. Yours was one. (Don't you feel HAPPY). I went to your diary. You sound cool. But now I am bored again. I'm using short incoherant sentances. I don't know why. But i could always talk like this and not use any punctutaion but just use a lot of ands and annoy the shit out of you and sound like one of those those stupid perky people who never shuts up but i dont feel like doing that but i will anyway and *smack* ::somebody slaps Wynd...very hard:: I'll shut up, then.

-Wynd the bored and pointlessly rambling weirdo"

And you thought sending me e-mail would prevent your message from being seen by anyone who accidently just stumbled on this site...WRONG! Muwahahaha... You should've known that I'M the only one who gets to ramble pointlessly, or even pointedly. You did bring up a good topic however...that of those endlessly perky cheerful people who walk around happy and cheerful with this huge stupid smile on their faces ALL BLOODY DAY!!!!! These people insist on being perpetually cheerful, including early in the morning when I would happily kill someone who looks at me that way for a prolonged period of time. No, I'm not a morning person, how did you Ever guess?!?! I had a teacher who was like that once...and I had to look at her perpetually cheerful face first thing in the morning for an entire year. Don't get me wrong, she was a nice person, but I was about ready to kill her by the end of the year. I am of the opinion however, that her cheerfulness was artificial, a product of the can of hairspray she must've used every morning and the Prozac. I could be wrong, but even if I am, who's going to say it to my face, considering that no one knows who exactly my teacher was, even if they did know her name, thhey wouldn't know her personally or where to find her, and even if all of this was known...I've still got the whip so you'd bloody well better keep your mouth shut! Alright, that's enough of this insane babble ((it is not! (It is too...shut your mouth...I'm the one with the whip, not you!)(fine...*sulking*...be that way then!)(I will you bitch :-P)(i know i am, what are you?)(Enough of this childishness)(okay,okay, i'm sorry for calling you a doodyhead)(Apology accepted...now can we go on?)(certainly, after you.))

Did I have anything else to say? I didn't think so, but I thought I'd ask and make sure. Anyway, the fan mail was cool, I wouldn't mind more of it...(shameless plea)...till next update...same diaryland channel, same diary...(different entry however, unless you just want to look at this one 20 million times...damn the influence of Batman on impressionable young minds)

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